1982 Cunningham Indian on FB $15,000


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Thought about it for a moment then realised it would just be sat unused next to the others in the cave, I do love it though.


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Sadly there is more love in the UK market for mass produced Taiwanese clones than something truly revolutionary and special like this. Already starting to see crazy prices for stuff that rode like a pig and was joined together with toothpaste. Some chap even complained about the huge unsightly welds on this Ham on FB :facepalm:

So what is Charlie's situation? With the success of WTB and back in the 80's he apparently sold over 170 of these at around $4,000 each (that is about $11,000 each in todays dollars) it would seem he should be ok. I don't know the details but it is sad to hear he is in rough times.


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so in the 80's he made $500k and you think he should still have that 30 years later, i'm not quite sure your logic holds.....


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Given that he lives a very low-impact, low-key life with Jaquie, and had no medical insurance, it certainly looks like he didn't make a whole bunch out of making 187 of his own bikes (Cunningham Applied Technologies) from 1979-1992, or his time at WTB (1982-2002).

What happened to him could happen to any of us...but now he is 72 years old, and faced with US medical charges and the costs of his ongoing rehab and long-term care.
https://uk.gofundme.com/f/charlie-cunni ... dicalrehab

All the best,


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