1976 Sid Mottram project

A little bit more progress on this so far this weekend.
Found some nice 3ttt bars in my spares and then cleaned up and remounted the brakes. My white outer cable and top tube clips arrived so I got those all buttoned up.
Next step will be the cranks and mechs, which I’ve not been looking forward to. The parts which came on the bike and the Valentino extra rear mech I’m using from my spares are all pretty grotty looking.
A strip down, clean and polish of the rear mech has got it looking way better - this should look decent on the bike.
Need to crack on with the rest but I’m taking a break for now, more to follow. :)
More progress again today - I really want to crack on with this now that it’s started to take shape.
Front mech stripped down completely before regreasing and reassembly - I’m impressed with the quality of this old Campagnolo stuff.
Even the crank bolts are Campagnolo and, again, all cleaned up like new.
Using the Campagnolo spanner’s that the seller threw in to fit the cranks.. lol
More or less there now, just waiting on the last couple of bits to arrive (shifters and bar tape) and we’re there. I might treat it to some decent pedals too in the near future but these will do for now.
Next post will hopefully be a pic heavy first ride review, can’t wait.. ;)


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Very nice indeed 👍 - I’d be going out of my way to get some hoods (especially before you re-tape the bars)
Thanks - I did have a quick scout around to see what was available hood wise after your comment. I wasn’t sure which colour hoods would suit - I’m thinking avoid white as I can’t be chored to try and keep them clean. Brown might not match the bar tape (which is already a slightly different shade to the Brooks), so black? Not sure, I’ll think on it, does it look terrible without? There weren’t any before.. let me know what you think.
I know I was hoping the next post would be after riding it properly but my eBay seller who has the shifters is a bit slow to dispatch.. Next weekend maybe?
In the meantime I’ve fitted up this gorgeous Suntour close ratio five speed freewheel as the rear mech didn’t think much of the low gear on the six speed one. This may change if I shell out for a record rear mech in the future. But for now it looks (and sounds) very nice indeed.. :)