19?? Pat Rohan, First Project


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She certainly is rideable, that's bike porn. :D


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Pat Rohan

Great to see your entry about your Pat Rohan bike. In 1975 I bought a virtually new one from a chap in Eastcote in Middlesex. He was putting it together but hadn't added any brakes. It had Shimano Dura Ace 5 speed gears and double chainset, Cinelli handlebars and stem and Selle Royale saddle. The wheels had Mavic rims but I don't remember the make of hubs. I bought Weinmann 605 centre pull brakes to complete the bike. I rode this bike up until 2001 when I traded it in for a Carrera road bike (Italian not Halfords) which I still have today. The Pat Rohan bike shop went years ago to be replaced by a branch of Cycle King.


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Reynolds Tubesets.

daccordimark":3uym1z02 said:
I see from the transfers that yours is a 531 SL frame. I can't remember when Reynolds started making the SL version of 531 but it might not have been as early as 1974.


Mark, you're hunch is correct -

531"Special Lightweight"or SL was introduced in 1978.

"Designer Select"was a builder's choice mixed tubeset of 531C and 531ST - introduced in 1981.



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Thats a cracker...

531 SL was '77 to early '80's I think.

I have it on my Pug PY 10 and my Dave Lloyd both 1980.

I would definitely change the chainset though...


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toomski":2ypvtq96 said:
Thats a cracker...531 SL was '77 to early '80's I think.

Re my post -

531SL: 1978 - 1981

Replaced by -

531Pro: 1981 - 1986 (my SBDU one very few in this tubeset)

Replaced by -

653: 1986 - 1995.



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That old rohan shop is one of my locals....

i live but 5 minutes away... indeed its a cycle king now

Small world....
Your frame looks to have similarities with my DL.

I have bocama long point lugs with cut outs.. 531 Sl

Chose modolo brake levers myself impressed with the ergo fit..saw them on a fignon gitane.


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Well, the paint is on and currently hardening up for a few days before I put a clear coat on.
As un-orthodox as this sounds I am hoping the colour coat will harden and that the laquer wont bond as well to the colour, so that on the instance of a chip, it will only chip the laquer and not the colour coat down to the base.

Ill get some pictures up after the clear coat.

But in the meantime, new decals...

These are what I believe to be the 'original' style.



To which I thought looked decidedly average, and I am not hung up on keeping this original in every shape or form, as there is very little left of an original build anyway.

So I decided to update and go for these instead.

Pat Rohan Decals by outHOUSEpics, on Flickr

Undecided on colour yet, I have got Black, Silver and Purple.

The colours on the bike are going to be Buttercup Yellow Frame, Black Seat, Brown Bar Tape, Brown Lever Hoods, White Inner and Outer Cables, Chrome Fork and Rear Triangle, and likely to be silver rims, either the originals, or possibly some Ambrosio aero sections depending on if I can justify the outlay.
So thinking the Black or Silver will be the best option, or could do one colour either side :?
the decals dont look wright they should be thicker look at this photo and you will see what i mean when you do your frame does it have my family
name on it this is an origanal has not been touched some of the frames just had thomas on them to hope this helps you
alan thomas


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