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Hi - I had no bites for my complete M-Trax Ti-1000, so I've split it and will sell or re-use the parts.

It's a 19" (large) frame for rim brakes, with 2 Titanium tubes, the rest is cro-moly. The frame is bonded. It's modern enough to have a 1 1/8th headtube and a threadless headset and works well with suspension forks upto 100mm travel.I've very slightly modified the top tube cable guides so that you can run a rear brake outer all the way form the lever to a v-brake at the rear, instead of the cantilever set up it was intended for. It has an FSA Orbit headset attached, including the split crown race, which I'll leave with it.

That leaves the frame. It's (I think) a 1995 model but I bought it genuinely NOS from the estate of a Raleigh dealer, it was in his stockroom and had never been built. I built it up in 2003/4, so it's had 15 years or so of use.

These frames fail. The glue eventually gives up. This one seems sound, nothing creaks or moves, but because of the glue issue I don't think I can sell it in good conscience. Something small is rattling inside it, I don't know what. It's scarred and scratched from being well-used and loved but only has two teeny dents. From new it had a cosmetic plastic coating over the tubes which has worn and blasting that off would make a significant improvement to how it looks.

Hence - Karma! If you want it and you're prepared to come and get it or arrange a courier, it's yours. I live just outside Brighton. I'll leave it a few days and see where we get to.


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:cool: great karma though too big for me.

I had a stone or something inside a frame once, never could get it to come out no matter what i tried, never noticed it once built :)

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