Sold ‘95 Kona Fire Mountain Frame


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Time to shift some of the frames and this is first as I know I’m not going to build it. I think it’s a 19 inch c/t but I’ll confirm when I find a tape🤦🏼‍♂️ Including the original seat clamp and the dog collar cable guide. Seat tube nice and clean inside and all threads are good, paint wise I’d call it a survivor with a few scratches but nothing major. £50 plus postage but am happy to discuss if I’m off on pricing👍🏻 More stuff to come later......F14FC521-1CCC-4795-B70D-DDBF81652CC4.jpegE638342B-6D01-4E22-B108-C3ABBF4B07A9.jpeg83F06E1D-3DA0-470F-8F64-7EEA5DED637C.jpeg I0D4B86EB-C6F4-4C1A-B0E1-3DEEDBD641B6.jpeg F14FC521-1CCC-4795-B70D-DDBF81652CC4.jpegE638342B-6D01-4E22-B108-C3ABBF4B07A9.jpeg83F06E1D-3DA0-470F-8F64-7EEA5DED637C.jpeg0D4B86EB-C6F4-4C1A-B0E1-3DEEDBD641B6.jpegC7439342-6EF8-401D-AB78-0E6A8C389CEE.jpeg


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They really nailed it in '95 didn't they?!
I had the funds and space, I'd have this in a heartbeat. Already got too many un-touched projects and frames that are too small for me though 🤦🏼 Glws!

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