‘93 Roberts


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Sorry I was not implying that it's an SBDU frame just the seat stays similar. The Raleigh 753 Services des Courses frames used Cinelli lugs and bottom bracket shell. Your frame has a very similar seat lug as on my Ribble frame with a longer point when compared to the Cinelli.



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Sorry I was not implying that it's an SBDU frame just the seat stays similar. The Raleigh 753 Services des Courses frames used Cinelli lugs and bottom bracket shell. Your frame has a very similar seat lug as on my Ribble frame with a longer point when compared to the Cinelli.

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Hi, no probs, I realised that! It’s sometimes a bit awkward discussing in text that which one would normally point at and chat about over a brew or a pint!


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The serial number screams Roberts. I had it’s slightly younger brother in 930422 (Roberts serials are YYMM##, with ## being reset each month), which was a 653 road frame. I only sold it last year as it was a touch small for me.

I seem to remember reading that only the master pro frames had the fastback stays, but can’t find it written anywhere now.

It’s a lovely looking frame and you’ve made a great job of the paint.


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Another day self isolating while we wait for PCR tests to return, another day I didn’t expect to be at home twiddling my thumbs.

Not wanting to look a gift horse - the rest of the family are all poorly with mild C-19 symptoms, I seem to have escaped so far - I’m keeping out of the way of their germs in the garage! So another day playing, sorry, investing time in something practical.

My original intention had been to do a full Mavic build. I’ve got some of the components as well as some SSC downtube shifters on their way. I suspect the wait for brakes/brake levers/front and rear mechs at an affordable price will take quite some time, certainly longer than my patience will allow.

The headset I was going to use is here

….and the one I bought to replace that is here -

Neither of which can I be bothered to sort out right now…….so along with the lack of “catalogue” spec for a custom frame I’ve got free reign to put on the best selection of what I’ve got in the drawers. A pleasant mix of Mavic, Campagnolo and a couple of bits of DA 7400.



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Wheels the long term intention is to build these Mavic hubs - currently on tubular rims - 96DD8D62-AF4A-441C-A508-9AEF60291F9A.jpeg

On to these clincher rims -
Changing the Sachs block for 8 speed to match the early 8 speed Chorus brifters.

For now I’ve got these Atlanta’96 deep section rims on Exage hubs (strange combo but that’s how they arrived)I’ll form an opinion once I’ve seen them on the bike. Suspect they are Marmite, but they are spare and they have an 8 speed cassette spaced for Campag.



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Yes - a great paint job I must say. And all done in a couple of days if I read it right? Fab.
To be completely accurate, the primer, paint and lacquer were applied starting the day I started this thread so Sunday of this week and yes in a couple of days. The prep work on the frame which is where all of the time consuming work is, I started several years ago! I went over the bare metal with some 600 wet and dry before the primer and filled a handlebar ding on the top tube.

The mild weather and my genius idea of using the greenhouse as a spraybooth (about 23 degrees in the sun in there last couple of days) meant the paint cured quickly enough for me to lay it on over a couple of days.

Honestly, surprised myself with how well it has turned out. If I’m really picky there’s a tiny run in the lacquer just under the front of the bottom bracket, and another under the top tube near the seat cluster. Neither are visible so I’m not going to risk putting it right with wet and dry.

The only recent experience I’ve got of painting is repainting a second hand car wheel to replace one with a crack on my car. I think I learned enough doing that to help with this process.


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Hi, it didn’t have any decals on it so I’ve gone with what I liked the look of most! I think they came from HLloyd or EBay, it was a while ago when I bought them. I just went with the set I liked the look of the most and included my favourite Roberts head tube decal -
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I’ve got several bikes mostly in MTB that are “factory” and right or wrong I enjoy the challenge of keeping/getting them to the “right” spec - so it’s a bit of a fun challenge for me to work with a semi-blank canvas. I’m not known for my artistic ability or vision at home! Fortunately I’ve not lacquered the decals as I realised I may want to change them, for me it’s trial and error in this department. The set I bought had two of what I consider to be the head tube decal - would it be normal to also have one on the seat tube?
If you like it then good for you & lovely color….looking at the size of the seat tube decal though that could have gone down each fork or even on the head tube just to be different 😁


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Finished for the day, will take some photos outside tomorrow weather permitting.

A few changes, got rid of the logo on the seatpost, swapped the Brooks for a Vetta. The Brooks is a bit saggy, have tried tightening the tensioner but not any better. Vetta is closest to what it needs for now - suspect a Rolls would look best on this bike so looking out for one now.

Inevitably as careful as I was assembling, a couple of very minor chips. There is literally just a few drops of paint left in the can for touch ups so will have to get some
more ordered.

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A bit of a mixture but think it all looks ok together. The wheels I actually like, the others I have spokes on the way to build, I think will give a different look but I quite like the silver look.

Frame: Roberts Columbus SLX
Fork : Roberts Columbus SLX
Headset: Dura Ace 7400
Stem: Mavic
Handlebar: Cinelli Campion Del Mondo
Brifters: Campagnolo Chorus 8sp
Brake Calipers: Campagnolo Chorus Monoplaner (I think missing the original barrel adjusters)
Front Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace 7700
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Chorus 8sp
Cassette: Miche 8sp
Chain: Shimano Dura Ace HG93
Cranks: Mavic SSC
Chainrings: Mavic SSC
Bottom Bracket: Mavic
Hubs : Shimano Exage
Wheels: Campagnolo Atlanta 1996
Tyres: Schwalbe Blizzard 25c
Saddle: Vetta Gel
Seatpost: Miche


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*the brifters/bars/cables/bar tape were already assembled from another bike I stripped some time ago which greatly speeds up assembly time. If I’m completely honest the cables are the tiniest bit short, if I find a set of Campag cables at the right price (these were £20 for a full set brakes/gears/inners/outlets don’t suppose I’ll see those prices ever again!) I’ll replace but for now it’s fully functional in terms of it doesn’t grab/shorten the cables, everything reaches the right place and tensions correctly. I just prefer the aesthetic when there is slightly more out showing at then front end.