1. N

    For Sale Wanted: Surly Long Haul Trucker 56" frame

    I am looking for a used Surly LHT 56" size frame say between 2006 and 2015 in very good to excellent condition to be used for bicycle touring in Europe.
  2. bobsmart567

    Surly Extraterrestrial 26x46c

    Just installed a pair of these nice looking Surly Extraterrestrial tubeless on my ‘96 Stumpy. Bit of a challenge to get them mounted (home air compressor not strong enough - but a CO2 did the trick and they finally sealed). They look pretty sharp - we’ll see how they ride on gravel. Any experience?
  3. Imlach

    Imlach's Sweaty Hippie Funk Collection, adventure bikes, rusty rats, cruisers and other alt bastardisations of bicyclery

    Hello Inspired by brother @Guinessisgoodforyou I've decided to make my own thread where I post pictures of bicycles I like. Unlike his threads, mine will not provide any valuable information or enlighten you. I won't know the brand names or component names of 90 percent of the stuff I post...
  4. flash

    Wanted Wanted small Surly 1x1 or Troll frame

    I’m after an early small non disc 1x1 frame or Troll frame. Must be sound but not too worried about cosmetics....ta please form an orderly queue....