1. C

    For Sale Ready for something special? (unique 80ies or 90ies steel content)

    well, how to get started? i don't know who once build this frame + matching straight forks. just had to have it once i had seen it. long story short, i like it a lot (especially the tire clearance), but i'm to tall for this set. presumably this frame set dates back to the 80ies, but possibly...
  2. C

    For Sale RARE RUDY PROJECT 1 1/4" STRAIGHT FORKS faded neon (like magura racelines)

    i happen to have this pair of straight steel forks sitting around, but no frame to match. they're sturdy and seldom. the steerer tube is Ø1 1/4" and 172mm long. asking 100€ plus shipping
  3. J

    Bontrager Racelite refurb thread

    I’ve owned this Racelite for about 15 years. A little history, then my build details: Bought frame and fork from a London cycle mechanic who, in turn, bought it direct from Keith Bontrager on one of his visits over the pond. This frame is the third Racelite I’ve owned. Number one was my...
  4. S

    Orbit Mystery Frame

    Hello all. I've come by this snazzy number and can't find anything concrete on this particular frame. Seems to be a mish mash of bodges but I think it originally had a Campagnolo/Cinelli groupset. Any knowledge would be useful as it will be going for up sale
  5. C

    De Rosa Professional SLX

    Hey all, First post, so thought I'd share my tatty old bike I'm not riding :) I bought this frame and fork about 10 years ago, believing it to be be a De Rosa Professional SLX. I think its early 90's as it has the internal rear brake routing but not sure. I did send the serial number to De...
  6. C

    Milani late '70s road bike

    I picked up this bike recently for about £200. Does anyone know much about Milani bikes? It's branded Mantovani but the forks and seatstays are stamped with Milani and a clover so am assuming it was built by Milani and that Mantovani is either a shop or a team. I was told it was from 1979, but...
  7. Nessy

    1984 Peugeot Talisman Carbolite 103 Fixed Gear

    Been surfing the forums for a while and my current Fixie build is nearly complete so decided to get some pics up. Started as a £20 Gumtree pick up in need of some TLC… Peugeot Talisman 1984 (I believe) Carbolite 103 Gas Piper, 62cm Frame so a little big for me in reality but heyho: I knew...
  8. P

    Sold Olmo Olimpic w/ complete Dura Ace refurbished Gold large steel road bike

    Olmo Olimpic Competition refurbished Dura Ace large 60cm steel road bike The Olmo Olimpic was part of the road bike series of Guiseppe Olmo's bicycle manufacture in Celle Ligure, Italy. The bike presented here has been one of Olmo's completely outfitted with rare Shimano Dura Ace 7700 parts...
  9. G

    For Sale Mk3 26inch Cotic Soul Large - £900

    Have my Large Cotic Soul Mk3 26inch for sale. I got the frame refurbished and resprayed by Argos Cycles in Bristol when I got the frame a few years ago - no cracks or dents in the frame anywhere. Paint is a really lovely blue colour, photos don't really do it justice. Unfortunately the paint...
  10. Emczerosix

    Withdrawn Max Jones’ 1993 Kona Hot TET769

    Hi, i am selling max jones’ (2x world champion, Mtb hall of famer) 1993 Kona Hot custom made by Tom Teesdale, it was sent to him with a coat of custom black race paint and no decals except the tange ultimate, it has a fluted down tube, xtr front and rear, a titanium obeam seatpost, various parts...
  11. B

    For Sale Cotic Soul MK2

    Hi, I built this bike last year thinking that I would use it to commute with the option to ride singletrack on the way home from work but almost as soon as I had built it (it replaced my previous Orange P7 from 1997), we were working from home and now our office has been closed and so I cannot...
  12. L

    For Sale Sirocco Columbus Frameset

    £350 inc. posted with ParcelForce 48. Looking to free up some space, I've got a Sirocco Frameset that I've researched to either be SP or SPX lying about. The main tubes of the frame are fluted, quite unusual and a really nice feature, the forks are profiled too. Built in Belgium and previously...