1. K

    For Sale Airborne Corsair Ti (16") with Pace Proclass II forks and bits

    Hi I'm new around here, but have a lovely frame and fork for sale and this seems the right place for it. (Browsing the forum is making me want to buy more than sell, but I'll keep focused...) Airborne Corsair Ti frame, 16" from BB centre to top of seat tube; approx 22" top tube C-C. The decals...
  2. Wildwayne74

    Retro mountain bike for sale

    I have just listed on eBay my retro mountain bike Ringle stem ,handlebars and seat post Tange MTB tubing Pace Kevlar forks Marin wheels Shimano Deore crank and brake system frame just starting to show a little surface rust Built the bike from scratch 25 years ago Rebuilt forks with fresh...
  3. S

    Wanted EDIT: PACE HAVE STOCK 19/05/2021. Pace threaded 1.1/8" steerer 240mm + crown race collar

    Looking for a super long threaded 1.1/8" steerer for my Pace RC35, needs to be 240mm. Also a good condition crown race collar for it as my current one seems to be warped and the crown race doesn't sit exactly perpendicular to the crown.
  4. D

    Sold Pace RC300 Frame for sale 19" 2002

    Pace RC300 aluminium/carbon frame 19" 2002 I bought this more than 10 years ago with the aim of building it up but never got round to it. There is a repair to the chainstay/BB shell done by previous owner who was an engineer at McLaren automotive. It looks a good repair job but cannot offer any...
  5. S

    Pace carbon suspension fork

    Hi All, Went to see a man about a bike.. a early 90's aluminium trek 7600 multitrack. Bought it. Then he had issues so I bought a frame to help him out and a carbon fork- disc only. Anyway it's a pace carbon fork. What's it worth? Works OK.. I'll put pics of frame up.. no idea what that is...
  6. FluffyChicken

    PACE - RC200 F3 1994

    placeholder for my build thread as I either cannot find it or didn't make one.
  7. drystonepaul

    1993 Saracen Traverse Elite

    1993 Saracen Traverse Elite This bike has been a long time coming. Too long really, considering I've had practically all the parts collected and ready for several months. The 1993 Traverse was originally offered with a the 'new' M560 Deore LX groupset, which introduced low profile cranks...