1. C

    For Sale MARZOCCHI Bomber Z1 1996 – the orange cult forx (original canti hanger included) with 197mm steerer

    cult forks. as top of the range they came with 2(!) disc brake mounts. moving in and out. steerer is 197mm | Ø1 1/8". the rare original marzocchi cnc canti hanger is included. asking 150€ plus parcel. alternatively i also got a red z2.
  2. C

    Reduced MARZOCCHI Z2 BAM Bomber forks red Ø1 1/8" | 195mm steerer with iconic CNC bridge

    classic red marzocchi z2 bomber forks. steerer is Ø1 1/8" | 195mm long. asking 140€ now 120€ plus shipping. alternatively i also got the classic orange z1 cult forks.
  3. A

    For Sale Azonic DS1 Dirt Jumper & Marzocchi Z1 Drop Off Complete build

    £350 Reluctant sale of a bike I love but am realistically not going to use any more. I've owned this frame from new, purchased some time in the early 2000's. I recently pulled it out of the shed and rebuilt it into a dirt jumper but I'm finding that it is just too small for me at 6ft 1" so I'm...
  4. SDGshox

    For Sale New ProFlex elastomers SDGshox Marzocchi Zokes

    kit of 12 elastomers for Marzocchi Zokes, price €25+€12 certified shipping (shipping worldwide), always to choose between yellow/soft or red/hard, configure the kits to your liking, we are on eBay, you can see our ratings, many more models
  5. SDGshox

    For Sale Rock Shox Judy 95 96, Paioli alu m03 & carbone m01, Manitou Mach 5 PRO XC, elastomers

    elastomers for the Manitou Mach 5 PRO XC, you can choose the configuration to your liking, between yellow/soft and red/hard elastomers, price 30€+14€ registered shipping, we are also on eBay, you can see our ratings, many more models to choose from
  6. C

    Sold BLACK FRIDAY MARZOCCHI Z2 BAM yellow VGC with 214mm | Ø1 1/8" steerer Bomber forks

    letting go this beauty since i don't use these forks. really nice cosmetic condition with only very few traces of usage. been in storage for x years. model year 1997. steerer is 1 1/8" and 214mm long. asking 160€ 150€ 135€ 100€ on black friday plus shipping
  7. J

    Ideas for my 1993 Iron Horse FS Works

    I am the proud owner of a 1993 Iron Horse FS Works frame and forks. This year I'm going to build the bike. And this is where you come in... How do you recommend I build it? What components would you use? You're welcome to suggest all traditional stuff, so it's a proper retro bike. But...
  8. L

    For Sale Retro Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Fork - 195mm 1-1/8" Steerer

    Marzocchi Bomber Z1 195mm 1-1/8" steerer, decent condition overall, stanchions are perfect, could do with a service as they feel a bit "abrupt" at top out. Looking for £70. Open to offers. Feel free to contact me for more photos/info. Prices are via PayPal F&F or with fees added. UK postage...
  9. Bike Creatively

    Sorted 26” MTB forks with V brake option and long steerer (at least 24cm/9.5”) ideally Rockshox, Exotic, Bomber, Manitou

    Needs the Vbrake option and long steerer (24cm) but happy to consider anything really as it’ll be going on a bike I plan to ride rather than put on the wall. However, it’s a 20” 97 GT Zaskar so Rockshox would be great 👍 but something half decent from another good brand would be fine too and I’d...
  10. Stanflashm4n

    Wanted Wanted - suspension forks suitable for 1992 marin

    If anyone has any suspension forks that they think might be suitable for an early marin that they’re looking to sell I’d be interested. 1 1/8 thread-less. cheers
  11. PendlePete

    For Sale '99 Marzocchi Bomber Z5 Flylight Air Black

    Bought for a retro build but no longer required. Having a bit of a clear out so look out for other sale posts. Excellent condition for age, only a few minor scuffs(see pics), holding air, stansions and seals in excellent condition, stansions lubed with silicone oil as per manufacturers...
  12. Beasty Bike

    Beasty Bike

    German made carbon full suspension
  13. C


    regularly i find myself tidying up the cave 🤦 i got much beautiful stuff laying aroud unused. always more to come, i'll update this by time. i'm happy to parcel worldwide at cost (shipping not included). generally interested in swaps – looking for a silver syncros Ø27,2mm | 330mm seat post...
  14. Dr-Zocchi

    For Sale Marzocchi Seal Kits 30, 32 & 35mm : Retro Bike price : 35€/Kit

    Happy to announce that I have finished both projects now the reproduction of 30mm, 32mm AND 35mm Marzocchi Seal-Kits in both dust seals variants : - the old style with the edge around, flanged (classic) - the m-arch style with a flat outer side (m-arch) - 35mm only in classic style Please...
  15. adfontes

    Wanted Marzocchi Z3 (?) Foot Nut Replacement needed

    Hi all, I was advised by Dr. Marzocchi to request help here about a broken part on my Marzocchi Bomber. It is difficult to identify. By the date stated on arch and crown it is a 97, the l.h. slider says 96, the stickers say it is a Z3, but the internals seem to be rather from a Z5 or a JR.T...
  16. Martin C

    For Sale Marzocchi XC700 forks; Fully serviced. Very good condition

    For their age in very good condition. XC700 forks. Completely overhauled with new seals and oil. Used but scratch-free stanchions. damping adjusters in fine order. No air leaks. 1/1/8 steerer. non threaded. star nut inserted. 21,5 cm Optional aftermarket coil springs also included, not...
  17. dyson

    Merlin Malt rebuild - finished

    I ended up with this frame in 1998 (although its a 97 frame according to the serial number) as a warranty replacement on a Parkpre steel frame that I cracked the headtube on. It came via Henry Gregsons in Accrington and Roger there mentioned the frame was coming from Ormskirk so I assume its a...
  18. J

    Wanted Marzocchi Z3 Bomber QR20 Brake Adaptor

    I haven't had any luck finding this online. A2Z Components used to make one, but can't find one available. Looks like Chain Reaction Cycles used to sell this, but also unavailable. If you have one available, please let me know. Thanks.
  19. C

    For Sale VGC 1996 MARZOCCHI Z2 with 205mm 1" steerer tube – classic red

    i'll let her go since she's just sitting around all the time. not been in use for ages. simply lack of a matching project. quite good condition, but might benefit from a service. well working i'd say, but what do i really know about suspension 🤐😉? the steerer tube has a length of 205mm and 1"...
  20. sam_white

    1999 Marzocchi Bombers

    Picture of the 1999 Marzocchi Bombers range. Possibly not complete as the Z1 QR20 and the Z3 QR20 forks appear to be missing.