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    Sold CANNONDALE KILLER V 800 X-Large + P-BONE greeeeen F+F in VGC Springtime's coming....;)

    no, it just looks like, but you won't camouflage away with this one. yes, i do have a very sweet spot for killer veees. and this set even is in my rare size, but i cannot keep everything (nonetheless letting go this set does hurt. well, what can i say? this is a gorgeous killer v xl frame with...
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    Sold CANNONDALE KILLER V800 midnight blue large light and stiff Headshok Adapter Monostay

    please scroll on. taken from nice lightweight dark blue sturdy frame in 18" / large / 50cm c-t | either headshok or rigid | oversized or optional reduced to 1 1/8". low milage, all threads including bb in good shape. some chips, but no dents nor chainsuck. asking 100€...
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    Sold CODA 700 wheel set for Cannondale Hubs by Sachs silver 28/32° MAVIC 221 Caad

    silver coda labeled sachs made wheel set with 28 spoke front and 32 spoke rear wheel. mavic x221 rims. lightweight true wheels. sachs is written on both hubs. asking 70€ plus shipping. happy to ship anywhere.
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    A marketplace find in a sorry state, this is how I got it.
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    A marketplace find in a sorry state, this is how I got it.
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    A marketplace find in a sorry state, this is how I got it.
  11. Killer V 800

    Killer V 800

    Also saved from marketplace haven’t dated this yet but believe it’s around 97/98
  12. 1996 Killer V 500

    1996 Killer V 500

    Saved from marketplace
  13. matchy matchy well nearly

    matchy matchy well nearly

    The two killer vs of Essex
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    Cannondale killer v stem

    Recently purchased this Cannondale killer v. I wanted to put the original stem back on the bike. However the bolt seems to just spin forever and doesn’t get tight. Wondering if anyone can give advice on how to fix.
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    Sold CANNONDALE KILLER V500 Large plus original P-Bone F+F VGC

    rare opportunity. this frame set has had only one owner and was always kept inside. it has only few traces of usage and neither a dent nor chainsuck. the gorgeous paint which is either called moss green or black gold turns out to be a hardy picturable deeep dark green with metallic gold glitter...