1. raidan73

    BoTM Ryry_1985's Brodie is the February 2022 Bike of The Month (fillet brazed special)

    Congratulations to @Ryry_1985 and his stunning 1990 Brodie Romax on taking the win in February's competition. You can see all the entries and view the poll results here and see Ryan's build thread by clicking here
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  6. Original sales receipt

    Original sales receipt

  7. R

    1993 Brodie Catalyst

    Good morning gentlemen, despite being registered for 10 years I have not posted much at all. So I'd like to make up for it now. I became interested in retro MTB's around 2009, when I was studying geology, delivered mail by bike and early 90's MTB stuff was plentiful and cheap to buy. I went...
  8. synlos

    Sorted P2, threaded, 1 1/8" or Gatorblade

    Hi guys. Looking for a P2 with Spinner drops, 1 1/8", threaded, 180mm steerer and non susp. corrected. Color, if i can wish for: White it is! If not, ah well - new paint then. ;) Or a Gatorblade. Thanks, Tom