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  1. m77wkd

    For Sale Shimano Dura Ace 7410 Compatible Bottom Bracket

    New (only fitted) bottom bracket. Never ridden and perfect, new condition. To fit a Dura Ace 7410 crank / chainset. ITALIAN thread / 36x24 / 103mm £35 POSTAGE is £5 within the UK. Overseas at extra cost. Cash or PayPal (Friend's&Family)
  2. W

    For Sale NOS - ISIS Bottom Brackets

    NOS ISIS Bottom Brackets Raceface SRX 68/73 x 108mm (no left hand cup) SOLD Raceface SRX 68/73 x 108mm SOLD Truvativ Howitzer Team BB 100 x 170mm (boxed) 2x available £25 each SKF BRF-300 68/73 x 128mm (no left hand cup) £15 SKF BRF-300 68/73 x 118mm (original packaging) 3x available £30...
  3. Vesatoro

    Manual Cannondale CODA Magic crankset and bottom bracket

    Courtesy to Zella Rayne Alternative version here courtesy of @My_Teenage_Self
  4. drexal77

    BOTTOM BRACKET SHELL pitted threads (Advice / help needed)

    Hi guys, Keep running into issues with my restoration of a 1990 Alpine Stars Al-mega DX. I finally managed to remove the plastic SKF bottom bracket, that was super rough. But the corrosion on the BB has caused damage to the aluminium shell and caused the threads to become very pitted. And now...
  5. harzkristall

    For Sale $OLD \ American Classic Titanium Square Taper Bottom Bracket 121MM

    Up for sale is a nice condition American Classic bottom bracket with a 121mm long hollow titanium spindle. The chainline is adjustable and the bottom bracket can be greased externally (grease-guard style) The thing weights in at 153gr with an additional 15gr for the included titanium fixing...
  6. drexal77

    Wanted Bottom Bracket 73mm shell size, 122.5mm or 127mm spindle length, 1.37 x 24

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bottom bracket 73mm shell size, 122.5mm or 127mm spindle length, 1.37 x 24 for a build i'm doing. I bought a shimano UN300 but cannot get it to thread into 2x different bikes, the threads look fine on it, so not sure what's happening, but have seen video's pf others...
  7. FluffyChicken

    Manual Race Face Turbine RS Bottom Bracket manual

    from 1995
  8. drexal77


    Hi Guys, Been a while, hope your all well. I'm still trying to restore my 1990 al-mega (pre e-stay) but only getting to spend a day on it every so often due to family etc. Really hoping someone might be able to help me with the below question, not getting a definitive answer from goggle...
  9. No2ndPrize

    Bottom bracket selection for a Merlin'93 frame

    Hi all, I do have a Merlin '93 frame and want to know which bottom bracket size I can combine with which cranks for this frame. I thought that it depends also on the frame as the chain stays may differ from frame to frame. But as the sheets I found do not list specific frame brands, I guess...
  10. PanoIgano

    Help with removing Yo Eddy ‘91 press fit BB

    Hi all, newbie to this forum and to restoring old MTBs so I hope that’s the right place to post this question. I would like to paint the Yo Eddy I recently acquired but I am not sure I can remove the original press fit BB in a way that doesn’t damage the frame and the BB itself. Any ideas of...
  11. L

    Mixte mistery

    Hello there, my name is Levi, I'm from the philippines, I just bought a 2nd hand mixte which I am currently getting repainted, when the paint was stripped off, we saw a 4 digit serial number with and upside down PDS letters that is located a half inch off from the numbers.. I am on a journey in...
  12. L

    Raleigh Royal 71, 126

    I have acquired a Raleigh Royal to which I am now trying to fit suitable new parts. I found out that the BB is 71mm, 26TPI and the axle for this is 126.5mm long (stamped 5S). If I keep the BB in place it still has a 126mm axle and I'm not sure which crank would fit for the chain line to go...
  13. M

    Sorted PMP bottom bracket

    Hi! I'm desperately looking for a PMP road square taper bottom bracket. The axle must be 102mm long, with BSA threaded cups and the right cup countersunk I'm located in Turin, Italy Thanks