bike of the month

  1. raidan73

    BoTM markjohnson76's Yo Eddy wins Bike of The Month for January 2024

    First blood of 2024 goes to @markjohnson76 and his fully refurbished Yo Eddy. Check out his build thread here.
  2. raidan73

    Bike of The Month November 2022 - Amnesty Special. Now taking entries

    As we do every 3 months, this one is a special. I know a few people (not looking at anyone in particular, @Peachy! :LOL:) would prefer that bikes were allowed to be entered more than twice (please read the rules if you're unsure). Well that isn't going to change any time soon, but for one month...
  3. raidan73

    BoTM Bike of The Month August 2022 - Original owner special - now taking entries

    So this month we're having an 'original owner special'. To clarify, the bike must have been owned from new by the person entering it. If you don't have a build thread it would really help your cause to write one before entering, I think the back story and history will really help the entries. I...