1. X

    Wanted ISO 1-1/4" threaded headset

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a silver (or black) 1-1/4" threaded headset to fit in my Alpinestars Almega DX 1992. Thank you for the help!
  2. trailstar82

    91’ Alpinestars CroMega Lx

    Well, it’s taken a wee while and some of you will have seen the progress already but here is my rider CroMega from 91. It came to me from @Oldfellatn3 it was great to meet a fellow Alpinestars fan and chat about all the retro goodness from bitd. Once it was smuggled home, I couldn’t wait to get...
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    Full frontal
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    Rider CroMega with a mishmash of 90’s components….I like this very much
  7. Alpinestars CroMega LX

    Alpinestars CroMega LX

    Just playing with a few ideas before the build really starts.
  8. Alpinestars CroMega LX

    Alpinestars CroMega LX

    Just playing with a few ideas before the build really starts.
  9. Fatboy1974

    Rocky mountain. Which should (can) I choose?

    Hello. I just finished an Almega DX 1991 as my teenager's epoque bike. I could resist to replace my broken Megalite shit stem and Kalloy seatpost for nice Syncros black pieces. And a Flite Titanium.... Now, once I started to dig in the forums, I'e been remembering which bikes liked me the most...
  10. TobyOakes

    For Sale Alpinestars cr300

    Selling this AlpineStars cr300 16’ Amazing condition, just been given a full service too. I’m Exeter £180 ono
  11. Samiamcycling

    Alpinestars - 30 years later...

    30 years ago this coming Christmas, my bike was stolen during the only burglary I’ve ever had. 16 year old Samiamcycling was devastated that my first ‘proper’ mountain bike was stolen…. Today, thanks to wonderful people on the internet who helped find, sell, store and transport the bike, I have...
  12. joglo

    Alpinestars 1993 and 1994 catalogs

    Hi, there is an older thread with 1993 Alpinestars catalog pictures, but those do have that bothering imageshare watermark. Therefore another one attached. Moreover also the 1994 catalog. I hope interesting for you guys too.
  13. P

    1990 Alpinestars Cro Mega dx is it worth anything?

    Hello, I'm trying to sell my dad's Mountainbike. Frame and saddle are in good condition but everything else needs some service. Is it actually worth anything?
  14. C

    Sold RED 18" ALPINESTARS CROMEGA '92 Frame ECS True Temper Steel + dent + DX FD + Stem

    eyecatching red alpinestars frame from 1992. no chainsuck :) but dented :confused: seattube (measured straight) is 48cm center to top, toptube measures 56cm center to center. it's a very sturdy stiff frame using massive tubes for the rear. tubes are double butted true temper ox ultra...
  15. J

    Sold Alpinestars Cro-Mega DX 1992 MTB

    For sale an Alpinestars Cro-Mega DX from 1992 in very good condition. 18 inch frame in Ferrari Red, made with TrueTemper OX Ultra II. Asking price £320 + shipping I have owned the bike from new and overall its in fantastic condition for its age. It has complete Deore DX equipment; hubs...
  16. nstarmore

    For Sale SOLD - Manitou 2 Fork 1 1/4 Threadless

    Hi all, As per the title, have a nice set of Manitou 2 forks for sale, equipped with a threadless 1 1/4" steerer I bought these to put on my Al Mega build but going to keep it rigid now. As you can see in the pics it's in really nice condition. Elastomers were reportedly replaced by a...