1. joglo

    Catalogue 1997 Yeti Catalogue

    Yeti catalog for 1997
  2. FluffyChicken

    Manual 1997 - SRAM Technical Manual

    SRAM, GripShift, ESP, etc For model year 1997 we have improved and expanded our product line with several new models and upgrades. Foremost, we are expanding the SRAM ESP Derailleur Systems to three rear derailleur models and their respective shifters: ESP 9.0 and ESP 900 shifters, ESP 7.0 and...
  3. R

    For Sale Mint Rock Shox Judy XC LT 1997 suspension forks

    Lovely Rock Shox Judy XC Long Travel from 1997 in barely used, fully functioning condition. Nice stantions and steerer. Came off an Easton frame that will be fitted with a rigid fork. Open to trades for a nice pair of rigid forks. Specs: Size: 26” 1 1/8 threadless Travel: 80 mm (?) Stantion...
  4. Fam Allen

    Martyn Ashton Volvo Cannondale Team Build - BotE

    Following my Hawzie Team Trials build last year I've been on the look out for a good Ashton Cannondale build contender and this week I picked it up! A Cannondale M800 BOtE. It's officially a '95 bike, but has the '96 onwards dropouts and is in all intents and purposes the 96/97 Caad2 frame I...
  5. MuchAlohaNui

    Kona A'ha Stars & Bars 1997

    :Intro: Hello Kona, Clunker, Beach Cruiser, Hybrid and Single Speed lovers, The hope is a somewhat quick turn around on this build in time for late Spring and early Summer. I think the wheel combination will be the biggest hurdle to overcome, and in that any guidance you are willing to share...
  6. GeneralOsik

    1997 Kona Team Titanium Peter Wedge Race Bike

    Absolute bonkers rare Kona posted to Facebook today: "HAND ON THE FIRST KONA TITANIUM_ 1997 TEAM WAS USED BY PETER WEDGE."
  7. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  8. B

    Sold Giant Terrago Sport Series

    Offering a Giant Terrago from their Sport Series from 1997 in blue. Comes with its 25.4 threaded fork, headset and a bottom bracket included. The frame is 18" and is made of a 4130 extreme light weight double butted chromoly ("design and development in Europe" it says) As you can see in the...
  9. JuicyOrange

    1997 Orange O2 Refurb

    Thought I'd better put a post up about my Orange 1997 O2, I've had it since new and its well overdue a refresh. I've kind of gone with the same theme I did with the P7 I did last year, bit of modern mixed with a bit of new and add a bit of comfort. The frame has been coated in white as opposed...
  10. corpuschain

    Wanted - Merlin Cycles adverts late 90s

    Hey folks, I'm looking for scans of Merlin Cycles adverts from the 90s-early 2000s. They used to have an advert in MBUK or MBR every month, I recall, so there should be plenty around. I think there might be two Merlins? One from the USA (Merlin Metalworks) and one from the UK (Merlin Cycles)...
  11. R

    Catalogue X-Lite 1997 Product Catalogue

    Now in the new archive, click above to download
  12. drystonepaul

    1997 GT Zaskar

    October 2010: I was given this frame as payment for building up another Zaskar back in about 2004. It's a 1997 Zaskar frame which was originally powder-coated black and not anodised as is commonly thought. It was fairly tatty when I got it, with a damaged rear brake boss, but still had the...
  13. FluffyChicken

    Kona - Explosif 1997

    Well I've decided to buy a modern frame. Regulars will recognise it :lol: It's a 1997 Kona Explosif Painted green and it's far 'greener' than I thought from the photo's but then I shouldn't use a laptop screen for gauging colours :lol: It has an added Canti brace at the back It's...
  14. drystonepaul

    1997 GT Bravado

    First proper ride out on my GT Bravado since I got hold of some Marzochhi Z2's which needed a bit of work. I'm nearly there with the spec on this bike now... I originally bought this bike as a frame and rigid fork brand new back in 1997. The deal included the Kore stem, headset and an...