1. joglo

    Catalogue 1996 Avalon Performance Catalogue

    Avalon Performance (Anaheim, CA) Interim Catalog 1996 including the iconic Starlite Cranks and a few other interesting pieces of MTB parts.
  2. bobsmart567

    Surly Extraterrestrial 26x46c

    Just installed a pair of these nice looking Surly Extraterrestrial tubeless on my ‘96 Stumpy. Bit of a challenge to get them mounted (home air compressor not strong enough - but a CO2 did the trick and they finally sealed). They look pretty sharp - we’ll see how they ride on gravel. Any experience?
  3. bobsmart567

    1996 StumpJumper A1 FS - New life for my old friend

    My '96 StumpJumper was a gift for my 30th birthday. It came close to being put on the curb a few times, and I'm so glad I always came to my senses and held on to it. Over the years, it's gotten a few new parts to bring it in to the future (rigid fork, shorter stem, wider handlebars, dropper...
  4. C

    Sold 16" CANNONDALE M500 F+F frame set with P-bone straight forks 1996 moss green with sparkles

    i'm letting go these projects. my cave is too full. both the frame sets don't have dents and chainsuck. handmade in usa! the matte violett 18" set is in vgc. the smaller 16" moss green set has more patina and cablerub at the forks. moss green is a great paint, but not easy to picture since it...
  5. billygoat

    Sold 1996 Voodoo Hoodoo, steel frame

    I've got a 1996 Voodoo Hoodoo up for sale. I believe it's a 16", comparable to a S/M, but I've ridden it comfortably with the seat up (5'10"). Good condition, everything functions well. Original owner. This was a steel frame bike built by Joe Murray. If you haven't ridden one, they're incredibly...
  6. L

    For Sale Cannondale F700 (1996) - Galaxy Blue

    Cannondale F700 with HeadShok DD60 headset. Fully serviced, functional F700 with some upgrades to the original specs, including new tyres, crackets, chainrings. The headshok is functioning well as a suspension. Very well kept and maintained with beautiful paintwork, minus a few small areas of...
  7. C

    Sold CANNONDALE 18" M900 F+F original P-BONE Speed Yellow Frameset from 1996

    classic cannondale 18" frame set including original p-bone forks – handmade in usa. it's the cleanest design they ever made (in my opinion) including their smooth welding. some chips and cablerub, one stuck bolt, but no dent nor chainsuck. asking 300€ plus shipping. there's also the smilar...
  8. C

    Sold CANNONDALE 18" M500 F+F original P-BONE BLACKGOLD Frameset from 1996

    classic cannondale 18" frame set including original p-bone forks. the blackgold paint looks different whenever you look again – uneasy to capture. it's the cleanest design they ever made in my opinion. yes, i do have one in my size. there's a top tube section (near "cad3" driveside) which...
  9. Snowy

    1996 Pace RC-35 Forks Manual

    I have a number of Pace Catalogues & owners manuals that I will upload over the next few week, just go to get some of them scanned, attached is the above fork manual.
  10. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  11. Wobblyfish

    1996 Saracen Tufftrax. STX Groupset. Ritchey Finishing Kit. Original Factory Specification.

    I have seen a few on here, so apologies to those who may class this as nowt new. Likewise I'm not in any way trying to compete, or compare this one to others beforehand. I think I've gotten this one pretty close to catalogue spec, so I thought I wouldn't offend anyone, and maybe just a couple...
  12. FluffyChicken

    Universal 1996

    The 1996 Universal Pamphlet (posted to me from @marc two tone ) other side to come later, this is an A2 pamphlet.
  13. C

    Sold GT BRAVADO 20" F+F matt blue 1996

    hard to let this one go, but i got to. no dent or crack, just the pictured chips. this color came only '96. original gt bologna forks are triple butted. it's the top of the list (and really quite light) steel series production frame set at the time. asking 170€ plus shipping to your destination...
  14. P

    For Sale SOLD - Kona Muni Mula 20" Frame 1996 - Rare Colour

    Kona Muni Mula 20" Frame 1996 - Rare colour - most were the champagne colour. Obvious chips visible - see images. In the same condition I bought as only half built it. Seat post included though not original, as is the collar clamp, it is Kona but later spec. £80 Listed on other sites. Any...
  15. drystonepaul

    1996 Specialized Stumpjumper

    1996 Specialized Stumpjumper I got this 20 inch frame a few weeks ago from Rampage for the princely sum of just £20. Cosmetically it certainly has patina, but it's structurally fine and free of any rust. So after establishing it's a 96 indigo blue Stumpjumper I set about deciding how to go...