1. Once A Hero

    1993 Specialized Bicycles

    Recently landed a hard copy of this, so have scanned it in as I believe there is only a German version in the archive.
  2. H

    1993 Kona Explosif

    Dear all, I'm a new member who found his way here through a Finnish vintage 90s forum. Anyway, I got myself a 1993 Kona Explosif and more about it here: https://hannu.blog/2021/12/07/kona-explosif-1993-the-formative-bike/ In the spec that I got it. Possible setup for the rebuild.
  3. C

    Wanted 1993 Kona Kilauea wanted

    Hi, I am chasing a 1993 Kona Kilauea (with the red/silver paint job). Looking for any state of completeness (whole bike / partial bike / frame only).
  4. Martin C

    For Sale Answer Manitou HT Hardtail 19" frame. 1993 / 1994 "USED"!

    This is a well "used" Answer Manitou Hardtail Frame. Amongst the (ab-)use it has seen are: -a crack in the BB shell -a crack at the junction of the seat stays and seat tube -cross threaded derailleur hanger which has been repaired with a helicoil that has now been removed. -2 dents in the top...
  5. R

    1993 Specialized 'Hardrock Ultra' owned from new. Frame and wheels 19 inch. Undamaged but rusty. All original except saddle. On eBay.

    I am selling my classic 1993 Specialized 'Hardrock Ultra' , which I have owned from new. The frame is 19 inch (48cm) and the wheel diameter is 19 inch (48cm). It is complete and original except for the saddle which was replaced a few years ago. It is undamaged but rusty and showing its age. It...
  6. D

    For Sale 1993 Marin Indian Fire Trail + Pace Kevlar RC-35 Fork.

    I have 1993 (or19994) Marin Indian Fire Trail with a Pace RC-35 fork that I am wondering if I can find a better home for. I have owned the bike since late 1994 but it has not seen much action in the last 15 years! Can supply more pics if interested! Shimano XT shifters, Shimano DX gears and hubs...
  7. R

    1993 Brodie Catalyst

    Good morning gentlemen, despite being registered for 10 years I have not posted much at all. So I'd like to make up for it now. I became interested in retro MTB's around 2009, when I was studying geology, delivered mail by bike and early 90's MTB stuff was plentiful and cheap to buy. I went...
  8. fguki

    1993 Answer MANITOU System FS project build up Mountainbike thread

    Good day folks! I am starting a new build-up thread. This iconic 1993 Answer MANITOU FS frame & fork set has been lying around in my shop since February `21 now and its finally time to get it on! So, I bought this off eBay in January / February 2021 from an older couple saying that their son...
  9. M

    Wanted Wanted 19" MC1 Klein Attitude or Adroit frameset, or possible bike. 1992/1993

    Wanted 1992/93, 19", MC1 Attitude or Adroit frameset, or possibly complete bike. Genuine Buyer from UK. Please contact if you have one to sell. Thanks
  10. A

    1993 Diamondback Apex - Which Original Brakes?

    Hi everyone I'm trying to put the 1993 Deore LX groupset on my Diamondback Apex. The shifters and brakes were replaced a few years ago with modern alternatives, but I want it back to its original build. I found this elsewhere on this website...
  11. FluffyChicken

    Kona - Kilauea 1993

    another placeholder for link in my sig to bike builds.
  12. FluffyChicken

    Rocky Mountain - Altitude 1993

    My tiny 1993 Altitude (18.5") my eldest rides this currently, he out grew every bike I could build him over the winter before he could ride them, and now he's probably out grown this to this winter. being taller than me. It does mean I might get it back, though no doubt I'll loose my long time...
  13. R

    Orange Catalogue & Pricelist - 1993

    There is a copy of this in the archive but the page for the Orange Dynamo is corrupt. This one also includes the pricelist. My pdf is higher resolution than the current archive copy. If an admin or mod wants the pdf for the archive please contact me.
  14. drystonepaul

    1993 Saracen Traverse Elite

    1993 Saracen Traverse Elite This bike has been a long time coming. Too long really, considering I've had practically all the parts collected and ready for several months. The 1993 Traverse was originally offered with a the 'new' M560 Deore LX groupset, which introduced low profile cranks...
  15. kingoffootball

    1993 GT Corrado > Richter 8.0 - Corrado completed page 4

    I finally got my Tioga-hubbed wheel built for this build then realised I still hadn't started a thread for it, so here goes: The hub was kindly karma'd to me by Bart (stumpjumper1990). The slight difficulty with these hubs is that they take 15G straight-pull spokes. After a fair bit of...
  16. FluffyChicken

    Rocky Mountain - Altitude 1993 - the start

    Well I made progress on this today, I got the syncros crank-o-matics out and intact. So here it starts. Frame is presumed a Rocky Mountain 1993 Altitude, all the hallmarks but with some modifications. There has been eyelets for rack mounts added on the rear dropout, and the seat stays. I...
  17. drystonepaul

    1993 Raleigh Apex K2

    1993 Raleigh Apex K2 December 2011 Freshly built up the night before the Turkey Twizzler, here's another addition to the fleet. Utilising a selection of more or less period correct parts including the 1993 only Exage ES mechs and cantilevers matched up to some spongey Dia Compe SS5...
  18. drystonepaul

    1993 Univega Alpina Comp

    1993 Univega Alpina Comp June 2011 I picked this frame up on ebay with the intention of building it up as a more or less period correct bike for riding during the winter. I already had a full selection of components in the spares box so the build up was relatively straight forward. Having...
  19. retrobikeguy

    Roberts D.O.G.S B.O.L.X (team bike and SE test)

    :wink: ➡️