1. joglo

    Catalogue 1993 Wheeler Catalogue

    Wheeler catalog for 1993, multi-language.
  2. joglo

    Catalogue 1993 Gary Fisher Catalogue

    I had a few more pictures of the 1993 catalog on my computer, so I have combined this and created another 1993 catalog. This time in pages are oriented straight to top, as the Catalog has this a bit exotic small middle page with the color photos of the bikes, I have done now two scans per Bike...
  3. J

    Ideas for my 1993 Iron Horse FS Works

    I am the proud owner of a 1993 Iron Horse FS Works frame and forks. This year I'm going to build the bike. And this is where you come in... How do you recommend I build it? What components would you use? You're welcome to suggest all traditional stuff, so it's a proper retro bike. But...
  4. FluffyChicken

    Review 1993 MBUK Grip review

    A review and comparison of 32 grips Mountain Bike UK Apr '93
  5. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1993 - Campagnolo Product Range

    From the National Cycle Archive 1993 Product Range Groupsets, Rims, tools, etc.
  6. satkin55

    Catalogue 1993 Falcon catalogue

    Size: A4. 12 pages, on glossy paper. More Falcon catalogues and memorabilia on my website https://falconrestorebike.wordpress.com/
  7. MuchAlohaNui

    Manual 1993/94 Specialized Bicycle Owner Handbook & New Bike Information

  8. K

    Raleigh Diablo 1993 complete bike

    Hi there, I'm a newbie here and to be honest don't know so much about bike! I bought this lovely bright Raleigh Diablo two years go and now would like to pass it onto a new home as soon as possible. Please see the photos for parts and condition of the bike and do get in touch if you have any...
  9. boy"O"boy

    Setting the Pace - Pace Research article from MBUK APRIL 1993

    Hi all. Though I'd add this one from the recent MBUK scanathon. Apologies if this has already been added here before. Cheers. boy"O"boy
  10. boy"O"boy

    MBUK May 1993 - Suspension ~ the full low down + MBUK Jun 1993 Suspension Showdown

    Hi all. Been on an MBUK scanning frenzy recently whilst looking for articles for another member.... Thought these might be of interest / make some good reading. MBUK May 1993 Suspension ~The full Low down Cheers all. boy"O"boy
  11. joglo

    Tioga 1993

    just noticed that the 1993 Tioga brochure is here also missing
  12. M

    Answer Manitou 1993 Bike

    Scanned for your viewing pleasure 3 pages wide as a foldout. 1-2-3 with 4-5-6 on the reverse. Folded so 3 is the front, 2 is the back 1&6 form the foldout
  13. zbikes

    Sold 1993 Cannondale Delta V2000 rear spring & tool

    Having a clearout and found this unused NOS rear spring and tool for a 1993 Cannondale Delta V2000. I got it with the bike new but it was long forgotten in a box. Looking for £25 posted with payment via F&F or with the fees paid.
  14. Bike Creatively

    Sold Large 1993 Diamond Back Outlook in Excellent Time Warp Condition £100

    Large 1993 Diamond Back Outlook £100 Frame size: 19.5” seat tube & 22” top tube This is a true barn find and the best example of an old Diamond Back Outlook I’ve ever seen! Exactly as I found it, nothing has been changed. My intention was to rebuild this as a single speed city cruiser as it has...
  15. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  16. GeneralOsik

    Early 1993 Kona Haole 57cm St. Louis MO

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/386096883070275/ This makes the 4th Haole I've seen pop up for sale in St. Louis. All too large, and too expensive for me, which I guess is fortunate.
  17. Once A Hero

    Catalogue 1993 Specialized Bicycles

    Recently landed a hard copy of this, so have scanned it in as I believe there is only a German version in the archive.
  18. H

    1993 Kona Explosif

    Dear all, I'm a new member who found his way here through a Finnish vintage 90s forum. Anyway, I got myself a 1993 Kona Explosif and more about it here: https://hannu.blog/2021/12/07/kona-explosif-1993-the-formative-bike/ In the spec that I got it. Possible setup for the rebuild.
  19. C

    Wanted 1993 Kona Kilauea wanted

    Hi, I am chasing a 1993 Kona Kilauea (with the red/silver paint job). Looking for any state of completeness (whole bike / partial bike / frame only).
  20. Martin C

    For Sale Answer Manitou HT Hardtail 19" frame. 1993 / 1994 "USED"!

    This is a well "used" Answer Manitou Hardtail Frame. Amongst the (ab-)use it has seen are: -a crack in the BB shell -a crack at the junction of the seat stays and seat tube -cross threaded derailleur hanger which has been repaired with a helicoil that has now been removed. -2 dents in the top...