1. joglo

    Catalogue 1990 Wheeler Catalogue

    Wheeler catalog for 1990. It's a poster, I have added both sides and some detail scans of most interesting pages.
  2. joglo

    Catalogue 1990 Fisher MountainBikes Catalogue

    Gary Fisher leaflet with 1990 models. Same as the one at Mombat http://mombatbicycles.com/MOMBAT/BikeHistoryPages/Fisher.html
  3. joglo

    Catalogue 1990 Fisher MountainBikes Catalogue

    Nice and thick brochure of the Fisher portfolio 1990 There is another small brochure for 1990 at Mombat or Oldschoolracing http://mombatbicycles.com/MOMBAT/BikeHistoryPages/Fisher.html
  4. FluffyChicken

    Catalogue 1990 - Shimano Bicycle System Components Off-Road

    XT, DX, LX, 500-300LX and the humble 200GS Read about the all new STI Development Concept. Find your pictures and tech details of the off-road components. Scanned by @FluffyChicken
  5. B

    Specialized Stumpjumper 1990 - For Free

    Picked this up on Facebook marketplace the other day for free. A very nice lady had advertised a job lot of all things bike related she had found underneath the overgrowth in the new house she had just moved into. She told me to take whatever I wanted as she just wanted it gone from her new...
  6. Thias

    Scott catalogues...

    Hi there. I am wondering. Why is there not a single Scott catalogue in the archives? I have attatched a few I have on my drive, ranging from 89 to 99. Maybe someone could add them to the archive at some point? Cheers!
  7. Kona Fire Mountain 1990

    Kona Fire Mountain 1990

  8. Orbit 531

    Orbit 531

    Orbit 531 reynolds 531 brazed frame with 1990 deore LX groupset
  9. drystonepaul

    1990 Saracen Kili Flyer Competition

    1990 Saracen Kili Flyer Competition <--- RESERVED FOR COMPLETED BIKE ---> I had for a long time been gathering a full Shimano XTII M730/732 groupset in black for this 1990 Kili Flyer Comp frameset which I picked up several years ago. I was never that enthusiastic about building it up with all...
  10. drystonepaul

    1990 GT Timberline

    1990 GT Timberline One of my earlier memories when I was really getting into mountain biking at the age of 13 or 14 was of this bike. A classmate at my school who always got the latest Star Wars toys, Lego and as he got a bit older; mountain bikes had himself one of these. I ended up buying...
  11. M

    Pacific Cycles Brochures: 89, 90, 91, 94 & 95 + pics 92&93

    Hi all, I purchased a 1990 Pacific Cycles MTN XPERT to restore with my son, and when searching found 2 things. 1/ There is very little information on this brand. 2/ I was really impressed with the specification of the bike. After doing a good chunk of digging I have amassed a whole bunch of...
  12. drystonepaul

    1990 Saracen Tufftrax

    1990 Saracen Tufftrax Here's another Saracen from my collection. This one is a 1990 Tufftrax in magenta according to the catalogue. I still think it's pink though. I picked this one up from Sheffield via eBay as a complete bike a couple of years ago. Most of the parts were there but in a less...
  13. drystonepaul

    1990 Saracen Eiger

    1990 Saracen Eiger As some of you may already know, the Saracen Eiger was exclusively offered by Halfords during a long period of association with the Saracen brand. The Eiger range had a few variations each year it was offered. For example in 1990 there was the Eiger, the Eiger Cross, Eiger...
  14. juice

    Upload and request of 1989 and 1990 Marin catalogue

    Here i have some pages of a 1989 and a 1990 Marin catalogue. If you have some of the missing pages please upload them on here.
  15. drystonepaul

    1990 DiamondBack Ascent

    I picked this up several months ago as someone's unloved commuter bike. Not many of the original components actually remained apart from the stem, an indexed headset and a very rough bottom bracket. So it was stripped back to the frame and put to one side. These frames were apparently made...