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    Specialized Rockhopper 1990's Help

    great frame. i've built a few. the last one i built, i used grp over the welds to look like a fillet brazed frame. i don't know how to search on here as it's retrobikes, so we're old !
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    Book, The Art Of WheelBuilding, Author Gerd Schraner

    so the info is on the net, but the book will only go up in value. hang on to it, put it in a box in the day you'll be glad you did!
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    Book, The Art Of WheelBuilding, Author Gerd Schraner

    looks like i don't need it now!
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    New project...

    i'd like the cheap alloy bits, you can keep the expensive ti bit! ;-) (amp month continues with no 4)
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    THE GOOOSE :) 1993 mongoose amplifier it amplifier season? 3 on here this month!
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    Cannondale M800 - status update

    do love a beast.
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    Work bikes

    love the gt, it's like the best bits from my bikes, all thrown on a pot and whisked into this!....oops!
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    Battered mongoose amplifier

    polished it...kept the stickers. just need shifters....but i think i have gripshift somewhere. found the forks behind the fridge, seriously!
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    Battered mongoose amplifier

    Hello people in my computer. I've only got back my mongoose amplifier I sold 20 odd years ago. Heavily repaired and worth nothing.....but it's mine! I think it'll be fine for a disused railway type ride. It has a repair on the top tube/head tube.....oh, and a o/s rear dropout made from...
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    Mongoose Amplifier full build

    Gotta love an amplifier. This week I got one, which was mine 25 yrs ago......
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    Suggestions for MTB Similar to Zaskar

    Re: i have a polished 2006 avalanche, 6061, flat end cap, found a bit of filler in a dent under the paint. maybe it was a zaskar that got dented in the factory. i don't need it.
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    Mystery - solved (Araya/Emmelle double u-brake)

    Re: Mystery bike bit of mtb history right there.....and lgf.......can you see a flat end cap??