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    Karma 700 X 35c Trek invert 2 tyres amberwall

    One sidewal better than the other 1992 vintage Just pay £4 postage
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    1993 Orange Vitamin T

    Thats just under £6000 in todays money. What would £6k buy you new now?
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    For Sale Totally original raleigh activator in as it left factory condition stunning not sure of value yet of unmolested unmarked pristine bike so puttin 500.

    Haha yeah, once round the block and you realise your mistake, the stick it on the back of the garage for 30 years and try to forget the experience
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    "8 speed cassettes have big gaps vs 11 speed"

    I agree, that's why we have gears More gears and closer gears means you can get closer to that ideal
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    "8 speed cassettes have big gaps vs 11 speed"

    Yeah do you even ride bikes? I'm most efficient at a cadence of about 90rpm i choose a gear to keep that cadence on the terrain i find myself therefore closely spaced gears help with that on an mtb 12 speeds help me have the range required for the variety of terrain 1x has no overlap of...
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    Wanted 7spd shifter

    Anyone got a 7 speed shimano rapidfire type shifter knocking around? Cheers.
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    For Sale 1991 Cateye TC-200 toe clips

    I have 2 lots of these £5 + pp each set
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    For Sale Fab BR-M650 brakeset Deore dx cantilever £24 delivered

    Full set BR-m650 with original blocks in good condition (slight damage to one plastic spring cover) Both straddles are marked rear for some reason £24 delivered
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    For Sale Random parts from the shed....updated 20/4

    Pm for black stem and braced bar