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    95/96 rockshox judy sl cartridge dilemma

    Hello, I just took my 96 judy sl fork apart (plastic cartridge) and discovered that it had leaked all of its oil out. I had lightly rode the fork, and it had been about a year after its first service (done by me). I am at a standstill trying to decide what to do with my fork. I know the plastic...
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    Styff shock bone

    no longer needed
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    Rock shox judy shock bone brace

    found one, not needed anymore
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    Wanted Desperately Needed: RockShox Judy FSX Brake Booster / Actually... Any Canti Judy Arch!

    Ooh, please let us know when you get more information about pricing for those!
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    Wanted Judy shock bone brace

    There is one on ebay attached to the fork. And I am pretty sure that he would be willing to sell it separately .
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    Styff shock bone

    Re: bump
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    Styff shock bone

    Re: Ok I'll try him. Thanks much!
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    Styff shock bone

    great. Thanks
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    Bored bored bored

    Re: I feel you. reminds me of this: You gotta read into the lyrics
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    Styff shock bone

    Re: Anyone?
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    Styff shock bone

    someone ought to have one!
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    Withdrawn rockshox judy brace

    just out of curiosity, would anyone have a 95,96 rockshox judy v-brake fork brace in black? just an example of the shape, I am looking for this in black.