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    For Sale 94' GT RTS Team stripping... Frame and other parts from the build...

    Interested in the forks. I’ll message you
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    For Sale Kona Explosif Pro

    I’ll send you a message
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    For Sale 1992 Pro Flex Offroad 752 Deore DX

    I’ll message you
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    Wanted Serotta T-Max

    Thanks. That makes me want one more. Pre weekend bump
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    Wanted Serotta T-Max

    Thanks. I’ve read and heard great things. Hopefully something will come up
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    Wanted Serotta T-Max

    Hi Everyone, I’m looking for an early 90s Serotta T Max as either a frameset or full bike. Ideally 18inch frame. Open to all colour options. Let me know if you have one that you’d be willing to part with. cheers, Ryan
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    For Sale REDUCED Manitou fs, Marin pine frs. Taperlite bars, Fred salmon carbon bars

    Hi Pete. Sorry to hear that your situation forces sale. I too hope you raise what you need. I know you’re not at this stage yet but when you strip the Manitou FS I’d be interested in the tyres. Cheers
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    For Sale Crankset! Black XT730, XT737, Ritchey Logic

    Also interested in the Ritchey crankset if Camberwell123 doesn’t take it
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    For Sale Ringle, A-TAC and Tioga Quill Stems

    Interested in the Ringle. I’ll send you a PM
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    Sorted Seatpost 27.0 black

    Thanks. I’ll send you a pm
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    Sorted Seatpost 27.0 black

    That sounds good. Any photos? And what would you like for it?
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    Sorted Seatpost 27.0 black

    Looking for a black 27.0 seatpost for a build. Open to suggestions. Something period from 1991/1992 ish.
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    Sorted Salsa flip off skewers black

    Thanks once a hero but I’m just looking for the wheel skewers and I’m now sorted. Cheers
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    Sorted Salsa flip off skewers black

    Hello, I’m looking for a set in black and steel. Let me know if anyone has a set they’d sell? Thanks, Ryan
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    Sold tnt wheel set onza pills m900 mechs

    Interested in the chill pills I’ll message you