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    Drivetrain compatibility - in pictures!

    🤣 🤣🤣 You can make a lot of g'n'ts with that! Definitely shaken not stirred. You've got me beat on both the bike and beverage fronts!
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    Drivetrain compatibility - in pictures!

    Awesome build! Hits the retro modern sweet spot for me. Shades of Cunningham don't hurt either. I must ask though, what goes in the monster cage and do you need two hands to take a swig;)?
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    Drivetrain compatibility - in pictures!

    Because I threw a 10 speed derailleur in to the mixo_O From the link I posted above, the formula is: Cable pull * Derailleur shift ratio = Cog pitch I wanted 9 speeds (cheap, available and enough range) and a Zee derailleur (ultra short cage, almost as light as XT), so from the maths settled on...
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    Drivetrain compatibility - in pictures!

    9 speed shimano cassette and chain, 11 speed xt shifter mated to xt m739 v brake levers, stainless single speed chain ring and 10 speed Zee derailleur. In true franken form it doesn't work perfectly, the largest cog needs a double shift to push it over the line, but everything else works fine...
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    Do Kona Ti BBs need facing?

    In my experience steel Konas need facing, both headset and BB. Was wondering if Ti frames are the same? Got a second hand frame and I can't get the outboard BB to spin smoothly and I don't know if its the cheap Chinese bearings or the frame.
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    Would site owners ever consider reform the categories?

    One way out of this taxonomic mess is for OP's to use hashtags for each thread. Dunno if such functionality exists, but this would allow #neoretro #disc-v #restomod etc without upsetting the grey beards (too much). Personally, I think this is the best way to stay true to our retrogrouch...
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    Freehub disassembly tool

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    How much is too much seatpost?

    The post will be designed to be strong enough not to snap, otherwise it would not have been made that long. The frame on the other hand will have been designed with a max seat post length in mind. The longer the seat post, the more leverage to bend the seat tube. Was the frame meant to have a...
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    Kona Explosif..?

    The rear half of the frame looks like a 98 Explosif. The right kind of dropouts and colour. I'd say someone painted over the front and stuck on new decals. Scratch a bit of the white paint off and you'll probably find blue underneath. That's one of the best riding steel frames Kona made. It...
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    Modern BB30 cranks on a retro frame? Yes you can! :)

    Yep. Worth pointing out that you will need a dedicated BB wrench for BSA30. The wrench for standard outboard BBs will not work.
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    Where to get Chris king upper race o-ring

    Re: If you rummage around your parts bin you may find other headsets that use the same o-ring. Jet Black (King clone) and old Woodman headsets come to mind.
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    Anyone DIY Hope split ring crown race?

    Awesome! Now I can blame someone else if it goes wrong :lol:
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    Anyone DIY Hope split ring crown race?

    I really like the Hope split ring crown race for installation and removal and was wondering if anyone has made a diy version on other cartridge bearing headsets. I imagine just cutting a crown race with a hack saw and filing the edges clean. What could go wrong? :lol:
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    Retro parts still in production

    Interesting points, though where to draw the line??? Are there no pedals that have stood the test of time?