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    Great big Singlespeed thread!

    Nice simple build, I like it. Always thought about getting a sanchez, but its the junction between the seat stay, seat tube and top tube. I was never a fan of the higher seat stay relative to the top tube. quite a few bikes still do this, whether its above or below. Not sure why though, is there...
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    Wanted Rear hub - Preferably hope, 36 hole

    New sounds brilliant, but a bit more than I wanted to spend especially as it’s not the perfect match I was after. It’s funny I was flicking through a 2001 MBUK mag, and the prices of hubs like the bulb and big un were so cheap back then.
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    1999 cannondale Martyn Ashton signature full restoration.

    What colour code did you use? I’ve got some touching up to do on my team edition F900 and that looks like an exact match
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    Wanted Rear hub - Preferably hope, 36 hole

    Bulbs are perfect, I would have preferred some big uns to be honest, so always on the lookout. How much do you want for them?
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    Great big Singlespeed thread!

    My recent singlespeed build. Call it my "Jib Bike", use it for honing skills and jumping at local spots. Its geared quite low, so not great uphill, bit better for flat riding.
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    Planet X Jack Flash build

    Its been a while on the update front, completed a few months but only managed to get out on it yesterday properly. Took it over a local jump spot, which wasnt as good as i last remembered from a few years ago so if i have time i may start to dig, but with 2 kids and a wife time is something i do...
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    Wanted Rear hub - Preferably hope, 36 hole

    Hi all, after a new rear hub to replace a shoddy old LX hub. Prefereably hope, has to be sealed bearings, doesnt need to be disc mount, but does need to be 36 hole. If I was being picky, I would like it in blue to go with the rest of the colour scheme, however open to other colours such as black...
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    Brother Big Bro needs to go on a diet

    Have you investigated how much you would save going single speed? i know its not for everyone, but normally a great weight saver!
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    For Sale Hope Bigun 48h Hub and 160 Rotor £100

    What spoke count is this? 32 or 36?
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    1992 Corratec 2005 drop bar conversion

    thats fair, each to their own of course. I come from the other end of the spectrum, never owned a road bike, only mountain and whenever i have riden a road bike i have always felt really vulnerable as I feel more in control with flat bars with the brakes where i can get them. I ride a lot of...
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    1992 Corratec 2005 drop bar conversion

    Good looking frame with nice XTR component choice.... But....Sorry this is my view but what is the point of putting drop bars on a mountain bike? Are you not hindering the handling and control using drop bars? the whole thing just doesnt look right to me.
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    1999 cannondale Martyn Ashton signature full restoration.

    Love these. Really want one myselft to go with my F900 team XC bike in the same colour. What Mavic rim is that? I havent seen them stamped like that before with the material elements!
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    Experiances of On-One bikes

    Ive had a few On-One bikes in the past, my favourite being a 29er Inbred and prior to that a 45650, which was really good fun to ride. I found both of them to ride superbly with nice amount of flex, and even took the 45650 down 50 shades of black at UK Bike park. (pics below) What i wanted to...
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    On one Inbred - Some good parts

    Some nice X-lite parts on this Inbred..
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    SantaCruz (not) yes another one of those!!

    Found another moron trying his luck, can’t believe some peoples expectations