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    SPD swaps/karma

    Hi, I will take the M525's off your hands. PM me if still available.
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    Mavic D521 rims, 32H, Pair

    I have a set I could be persuaded to part with. Rear rim is new, front used, both grey colour. Hubs are LX M570.
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    Manitou forks & GT wheelset

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    Planet X Jack Flash info

    Single speed build has started :D
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    Planet X Jack Flash info

    Im not sure what year mine is but I see the basic design has not changed much. Mine will be single speed for now until I can source some chain tugs with mech hanger.
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    Planet X Jack Flash info

    Not seen one before, certainly built to last! Having had a rummage through the parts bin I have decided to build it up as a single speed. Added to the 'to do' list!
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    First Project - 90's GT Advice

    I have a Rebound project if you are interested. Also have a set of wheels available. ... p;t=414211 PM me if interested, can meet half way for the cost of fuel.
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    Manitou forks & GT wheelset

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    Manitou forks & GT wheelset

    Couple of items here that have been collecting dust in the garage and not likely to be used. Manitou Mach 5 SX forks. Purchased off ebay a while ago. They appear to function ok but I'm sure a service will be in order. Old headset included. Not the best forks I know hence the price. £30...
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    Chain tugs with mech hanger

    I want to add a rear mech to a frame with horizontal dropouts. Does anyone have a chain tug with rear mech hanger?
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    Planet X Jack Flash info

    I have recently aquired a Planet X Jack Flash frame but know very little about it. Does anyone have any info or owned one before? Not sure what to do with it at present as I bought it for the forks to use on another project. Build it up or sell it on??
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    Cheap frame & fork

    I have a few frames on ebay at present and spare forks. If interested PM me or message via ebay.
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    Box of bottle cages £10 posted

    Re: Hi, I will take these if you still have them. Can you PM your email address and I will send payment via PayPal.
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    Scott frame

    Frame for sale 2003 Scott Yecora
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    Marzocchi bomber z1 drop off

    Re: Are these still available?