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    Gios Evolution MTB project info

    Hey Guys, Found this frame a year or two ago and dug it up again during the spring cleaning of my stash. I did found some small info online but there is not a lot. Some speak of a prototype but there are some around so this sounds unlikely to me. Can't seem to find this colour either online...
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    USE bars Syncros Cattleprod Dynatech MT4 + Mavic 316 £150

    Re: Splitting Dynatech MT4 - Cook-Royce-Suntour-USE-Pace RC30 Interested in Pace rc30, 1" or 1"1/8? Any idea on price?
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    White YO Eddy

    Wow love this!
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    non typical ARC AS

    Any progress on this, it happens to be my old frame :p
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    American Breezer 1987 #0003

    This is beautiful and a great restoration!
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    Something you (probably) haven´t seen before. DBS OFFROAD EX

    Really nice E-stay and loving all the black xt parts! I think I have a some alexa rims mounted on deore dx hubs laying around, If i remember correctly mine are not in pristine condition to say the least.
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    Suntour, Klein, Dia Compe, Syncros and tires

    Re: PM about 11 and 14 (only need one set)
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    Wanted 26mm seatpost

    Hi all, For a Main d'or randonneur build (era 60-70s) i'm looking for a classic looking seatpost in 26mm diameter. Lenght wise I'm not totally sure yet so not to short please.. Thanks !!
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    Wanted: Black Azonic riser bars

    Hey guys, Still looking for one set of risers
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    Stem was really nice, as new actually! Price was also good, good deal!
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    hunspecialized feedback

    Great to deal with and he has nice gear, no need for more!
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    Wanted: Klein MC1

    No problem, there no rush with the build! Thanks
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    Wanted: Klein MC1

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    + SOLD + Klein MC1 bar / stem combo. Black.

    Re: :shock: damn I had a wanted add, does that count for something :)
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    "A Look Inside Second Spin Cycles’ Vintage MTB Collection"

    A Look Inside Second Spin Cycles’ Vintage MTB Collection by the Radavist shows some nice detail of his collection. More bike pics would be posted tomorrow.. ... ollection/