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    Karma 26" pair of wheels

    For the cost of postage within UK: Pair of Alex DA16 rims laced onto Shimano Alvio MC-18 hubs. Pair of Schwalbe Marathon 1.25 Removed from a donor bike and now not needed The black spokes are eager to shed their black paint to reveal nice stainless nakedness. The paint is easily removed with a...
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    mdvineng's feedback

    Dave responded to my "wanted ad". The parts were dispatched next day and were well packed. Excellent communications, all round Top Bloke.
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    Can I have a ladder please Bob? (Jackson)

    The "kissing gate"
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    Sorted Hope Pro2 front QR adapters

    Wow, that was fast! They look ideal👍
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    Sorted Hope Pro2 front QR adapters

    Hi looking for adapters to convert a front hub from bolt-through to QR. Cheers
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    For Sale Ridgeback Flight frame

    Still available....
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    For Sale 2010 Scott Scale 6061 Alloy frame with various parts - £50!

    What a bargain, this will (I hope) be ideal for my rapidly growing youngest kid! Will message regarding collection Cheers
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    Hügi freehub woes

    Cheers for the reply, you are correct the freehub still works. I feared the worst when i picked it up from the floor and saw the damage. It just needed a gentle tickle with a file to remove a slight burr and still seems to work ok, which is a relief as a new 240 free hub is £50-£60
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    GT ZUM

    When I inherited the bike, it had a strange mix of 26" skinny urban semi-slick tyres and boat anchor heavy "suspension" forks. It also had a saddle that was the size of a pub bar stool😃 Once the forks and saddle were replaced it rode well, but i doubt that it would be on a par "off road" with...
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    Today's Ride

    Bluebell singletrack, the scent was truly intoxicating!
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    For Sale Ridgeback Flight frame

    Hi, The top tube is 53.5cm c-c and the frame is designed for disc brake 700c wheels. Postage to UK addresses from Chichester should only cost about £15 using Parcelforce. Thanks for the interest.
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    For Sale Ridgeback Flight frame

    Updated with additional info
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    Hügi freehub woes

    I had a senior moment today whilst cleaning my rear hub. The freehub body slipped from my hand and dropped to the floor, chipping a chunk from the edge.😪 I think that the hub is from about '98ish, does anyone know if spares are still available? Cheers in advance