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    Identify earlyish lugs

    I assume the headtube badge is pre the Olympic rings era - so does that make it before 1960 or so? Either that or post the Olympic rings era - but then it wouldn't be made in Birmingham. No idea on the lugs though.
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    Wanted Campagnolo #626/A downtube cable guide

    Hi Jim, I got sorted thanks. Ordered one off eBay and was sent from the US. Thanks for following up though!
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    Raleigh shoppers are a dream bike for but a few people. Don't be ashamed - celebrate your desires!
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    Wanted Campagnolo #626/A downtube cable guide

    Hi, I am very keen to get hold of a downtube Campagnolo #626/A cable guide in good condition. Needed for a front mech without a cable stop. Would consider a Huret version also, but the Campag is visually a bit nicer. What have you got? Thanks
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    Chainstay clearance - is 1mm too small?

    The good thing about a singlespeed is that chainsuck doesn't happen (unless something goes very very wrong). I am a little sceptical over chainline accuracy - if the chainstay (chain) length is circa 400mm, and you shifted the chainring over by 1-2mm so there is a slight misalignment between...
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    Chainstay clearance - is 1mm too small?

    Using an external bottom bracket spacer (approx 2mm) on the drive side between frame and BB cup has sorted it - it moved the chainset outboard by 2mm and gives 3mm clearance. The non drive side still had enough spare thread for the lockring, so all is good. Torqueless - this should also work...
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    Chainstay clearance - is 1mm too small?

    That could work couldn't it - move the whole BB over 1 mm or so. I have plenty of external BB spacers so will try it. I hate taking the cups out of the frame though - chipped the new paint when the tool slipped earlier today!
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    Chainstay clearance - is 1mm too small?

    Building up my 1963 Falcon San Remo, and have converted it from cotter pin single chainring cranks to square taper Campagnolo double ring cranks. A 116mm bottom bracket spindle gives a 1mm gap between 42T inner chainring and chainstay - is this too small? I know there will be some flexing when...
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    Wanted 27.0mm Silver Seatpost "SORTED"

    Another possible way forward - buy an adjustable reamer for around £15 and ream the seat tube out to 27.2mm.
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    Chrome Plating / finding old bolts etc - where best?

    That's a great video thanks. Looks like nickel plating is fairly easy, but the more I look into chrome plating it seems like it is a lot more effort and levels of nasty chemicals.
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    Smaller British frames pre 1970's

    I'm really hoping my 22" Falcon frame I have just finished painting fits me at 5'7". All my other bikes are <21". So hopefully you are right - I'll measure Top tube to see how it compares to my more modern bikes
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    Chrome Plating / finding old bolts etc - where best?

    I'm restoring a 1963 Falcon - I want it to be "as new" or better, so am looking to get some small parts rechromed (seatpost bolt, brake cable hanger, some other special bolts). Probably 4-5 small parts. I've been searching ebay and some of the vintage parts sellers but can't find good...
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    Falcon Ernie Clements Tour How much ?

    Re: It's worth what people are prepared to pay, but it is a 1970-80 low-mid range ladies bike - which appears to be in good condition. EBay has a multitude of similar bikes from various manufacturers which are advertised for anywhere between £20 and £300 (or there are the optimists who list...
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    1952 Gillott For Sale...

    Re: That really is a beauty - good luck with the sale.
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    What seatpost do I need (1963 vintage, 26.8mm diam)

    Re: Thanks for that - I have already reamed the seat tube as it was out of round, and the old (scored) post now actually fits the frame. The reamer is an adjustable one so I can open the tube a bit further if I have to. I'll have a look for the domed top seat post - thanks for the suggestion.