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    Ex Team Once Giant TCR TT bike now finished!

    Thats the same adjustable burrows type stem as on mine, not sure of the bars, obviously made of carbon where as mine are ally, only thing I would say about those period TT bars is that there was a lot of "adaption" read made up by the mechanics... ebay for 6 months and see what come up...
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    Is this a true ex-ONCE Pro Team TT Bike Frame???

    Hmmm.... As a collector of ex team bikes I can say its a minefield trying to prove provenance if its not clear from the outset (as per my Giant TCR Once that had been re-sprayed in Liberty Seguros colours and had tons of modifications to it that you just wouldn`t see in a regular frame) Would...
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    Ex Team Once Giant TCR TT bike now finished!

    Yep, its very similar to the Mike Burrows one, the three piece one thats basically a collar for the steerer tube then the two sides that bolt together to allow full range of adjustment, these are bolted to a 3TTT tribar setup with Cinelli stickers over the 3TTT ones. Loads of unanswered...
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    Mario Cipollini Bianchi team bike

    Just sent you a PM, should you wish to sell this frame, Dan
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    another TVT92 Beauty - labeled Gitane-RMO Coulours of 1992

    Hi JujuChacha, I own a `92 RMO team Bike that belonged to Mottet`s mountain domestique, Dante Rezze - its in full "as ridden" spec, full mavic, and if I`m brutally honest the Mavic groupset is not good enough for the frame - Mavic fans don`t throw stuff at me, but seriously, the brakes are...
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    Ex Team Once Giant TCR TT bike now finished!

    Hi Guys, Taken a lot longer than I had planned but finally finished the Ex Team Once TCR Time Trial Bike I picked up some time ago. The bike was missing groupset and wheels but the best was there - although it had been repainted in Liberty Seguros colours (Once became Liberty Seguros in 2004 -...
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    Ex Moser team bike - mystery solved... ***NOW FINISHED***

    Had it out for a few rides of around 60km, first ride the BB came loose, other than that its been fantastic - super smooth and a great descender, climbs pretty darn well as you would expect for an Ugo Derosa built bike, thanks, Dan.
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    `53 Torpado Gran Sport project finally finished

    I used paint from - pretty sure it was a baby blue base colour with single coat of pearl blue laquer and single coat of silver pearl lacquer then clearcoat. The seat tube bands were a real pain - masked with low grab...
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    Need help identifying what gearing system goes on this vintage Torpado

    Hi Stephen, guessing you had that frame re-chromed? I have a `53 Torpado Gran Sport with Agrati lugs like yours, except 50`s Torpado`s didn`t have braise on guides or downtube boses, they used band on, so either its a late 60`s frame or its had braised on parts added - if it was a painted...
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    Ex Moser team bike - mystery solved... ***NOW FINISHED***

    Re: Very observant - crank bolts were late to the party as were toeclips and straps - both now fitted, Dan.
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    Ex Moser team bike - mystery solved... ***NOW FINISHED***

    ***UPDATE*** The Moser is now finished, waiting on some better weather to put it through its paces. Bare metal strip down showed a clumsy braze on front deraileur mount had been added so was carefully removed, then the the whole thing repainted to match the Sanson `79/`80 blue Moser scheme...
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    1975 Raleigh sbdu 58

    Re: Re: Hi, who did the chrome and can they do it by post? Thanks, Dan.
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    Ex Moser team bike - mystery solved... ***NOW FINISHED***

    Re: Yep, really looking forward to seeing how it rides - had the offending front derralieur mount removed and its currently being painted - full build details following soon... Thanks, Dan.
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    Chrome fork re-platers?

    Hi Guys, Looking to get a set of chrome forks for a Benotto 3000 re-plated (they have gone very dull and pitted), is there a company in the UK which I can send them to (don`t want to travel due to lockdown)? Anyone recommend a firm? Thanks, Dan.
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    Ex Moser team bike - mystery solved... ***NOW FINISHED***

    Re: Found a pic of the headtube angle - main pic made it look very upright, just a quirk of the pic, this one is clearer: Moser head tube and lugs: