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    BotM December 2018 - Flagship thankyou!

    Damn, what a great selection this month, look forward to voting.
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    Redzephyrs Ti Fighter

    Yeah, I'd be keen to catch up with some other retro riders. I see so few old bikes around in good condition. I'm hoping that the huge amount of investment in cycling over the last few year in NZ might awake a retro revival, but it doesn't seem that way yet. Certainly not from the stock I see...
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    Redzephyrs Ti Fighter

    Re: Cheers, not quite up to the standard of your Prometheus, but I do really like it now!
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    BotM August 2018 nominations

    Hoping to reverse last months vote?
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    hunspecialized feedback

    Attila is a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended. Definitely buy from him again. Zephyr
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    cybernck's feedback topic :-)

    Great Trader, fast delivery, good packaging and as all as described. Love the postcard too. Won't hesitate to buy for Nikica again.
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    Xt m739 shift/brake levers

    pm'd - any luck on the photos?
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    XT M730/5 & M737/9, LX, Middleburn, RaceFace, Grip Shift

    Pm coming re Shimano XT M739 V-brakes
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    Shimano XT ST-M095 STI levers SOLD

    Re: pm coming
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    1994 Kona Fire Mountain restoration project.

    Re: Nice Job, looks fantastic.
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    No more bikes! Buy's another bike. Share your shame thread

    Re: the decision making process
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    No more bikes! Buy's another bike. Share your shame thread

    Re: I just donated four bikes to a local charity that gives them to kids and refugees. Also built up and gave away another two frames that were not in use to family. Today I finished another build for my missus... I'd given away her first restoration away to her sister a few months ago. The...
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    BotM nominations August 2017

    ... looks like the theme is BRIGHT!!
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    BotM July 2017 - nominations

    BOOM - that's four hot entries in the last four days...that Breezer is a phenom (imo)