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    Various parts for sale including Rock Shox FSX forks

    Thanks. Niall stripped them, and rebuilt with new internals. Not 100% which internal parts he used as it was about 18 months ago so cant remember. They work perfectly and have only actually done about 3 miles since they were done. If you are interested in any of the parts and want photos please...
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    Various parts for sale including Rock Shox FSX forks

    Re: Re: Hi, steerer tube diameter is 29mm. Thanks
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    Various parts for sale including Rock Shox FSX forks

    Hi guys, unfortunately due to a change in circumstances I have made the decision to part my Specialized Team bind out. I am working my way through listing the parts on eBay but wanted to just let you all know in case of the parts will be if interest. I have just listed my mint Rock Shox FSX...
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    Specialized project finished

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    Specialized project finished

    Hi All, I had intended to take photos of the frame from what it was to what it i now all finished but I didnt get enough photos through the process which was stupid so I have added in the ones I have. I had the MAG 21's on a few a few weeks while the FSX forks were being serviced. I need to...
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    Various bits: Rockshox, XTR, Azonic, white industries & more

    PRICES UPDATED Hi All, my project bike is now virtually finished so all the spare bits and parts I have gathered are getting sold. Not massively clues up on what things are worth to be honest so f there is something you want please make me a fair offer? I can send any more detailed photos if you...
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    WANTED: Specialized pro long seat in grey. JMC tribute bike

    Hi, My cousin is building an amazing JMC tribute bike, it will be exactly like the JMC FSR used in DIRT. He is putting it together to be absolutely the same down to the finest details. He need a period correct Specialized prolong seat in grey. Has anyone got one or know of where there is one...
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    bolt sizes help please?

    Re: Hi, I don't have any bottle cage bolts to measure and there are that many different head types etc on these bolts and i don't want to order the wrong ones that's why I asked the question. Thanks for the guide, will have a look.
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    bolt sizes help please?

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me the sizes and lengths of bolts needed for the items below. Mine are manky and I would like to replace them. USE seat clamp bolts Water bottle holder bolts DCD bolts Thanks.
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    Specialized future shox

    Re: UPDATE: Hi all, Good news. Niall is back on the seen. Fully explained the situation, totally understandable, forks are back with me now. Very happy chappy. Thanks to everyone for their input. :)
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    Wanted: retro period correct stem

    Hi, Looking for a stem for my build? Black ideally if not silver. Needs to fit with a head set rather than a quill stem. No longer than 100mm. Needs to be mint or ideally NOS. Has anyone got anything? Thanks
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    I’ve given a home to a knackered old Dog on its last legs-

    Re: really enjoyed following this build, where is it up to? finished pics? cheers
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    USE Seat clamp bolts

    Re: thanks.
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    USE Seat clamp bolts

    After some replacement USE seat clamp bolts. Mine are a bit manky looking now so would like some replacements, need to be mint or NOS? Cheers
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    Control Tech stem

    Looking a Control Tech stem. Ideally black, but silver is possible. Needs to be retro, 90's era. Needs to mint or perfect would be NOS needs to be head set fit not quill The shorter the better. Anything going? Cheers