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    Colnago Forks

    Yeah, a friend has a straight blade set! Thank you!
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    Colnago Forks

    Hi guys, I'm after a set of forks for a Colnago Mexico ( Curved fork blade ) with a threaded 1" steerer longer than 23cm, if anyone has a set knocking around. Can be in any condition. Cheers!
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    91 Dave Yates ex round the world expedition bike 20.5" frame

    My dad quite fancied it as a tourer, we were both shocked at the price. Great bike with a great history.
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    cybernck's feedback topic :-)

    Fantastic to deal with, great comms throughout - A* Seller.
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    RIP Ronnie Corbett

    Another legend amongst the many others we have lost this year :( .
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    Graham Obree on jeremy vine show now

    Can't wait to go and see him in a couple of weeks time, one of cycling's greatest.
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    And today I did......

    Gutted for you mate, will keep a look out.
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    Stolen on Wednesday night...

    Gutted for you, I'll have a check round on Facebook, Gumtree, Preloved for you.
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    Raidan73 feedback

    Another great deal with Adrian on a Mavic headset, really well packaged and excellent to deal with - A* seller.
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    Guy Martin Wall Of Death

    Was it just me who thought he was going to do another lap when he let rip of the throttle when the presenter told him to stop :lol: ?
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    Well done Kaye, a well deserved winner :) .
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    ** 1991 ALVES 531 Custom **

    Very nice 8) !
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    Overbury's Pioneer 1988 - Finished Page 8

    Re: Overbury's Pioneer 1988 - now with paint! Looks great :) !
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    Great selection, got to be the Yates for me though 8) .
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    90s Rourke (Build thread)

    Looking great! Can't wait to see it finished :) .