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    Raleigh bike identification

    The model is called "The Winner". An internet search will give you an idea of its worth. I am not familiar with it, but by the looks of it it was an entry level model. As to the date, my guess would be around 1980, but for a closer estimate you can check the date codes on the back of the...
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    Can anyone help with identifying this frame?

    I think it is a Pro-Am. Have a look here: Koga-Miyayta Pro-Am
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    Can anyone help with identifying this frame?

    That is a 1982 Miyata frame. And a nice one at that.
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    Better tyre than panaracer tourguard

    I like the folding Paselas, and have them on many of my bikes. A good alternative, maybe even a bit nicer, is the Challenge Strada Bianca:
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    Mafac cantis

    In that case another pic is in order. While these cantis were popular in cyclocross, they were rarely seen on road racing bikes. One exception was Jacques Anquetil, who rode a bike fitted with them during the opening time trial of the 1961 Tour de France: He won that TT and spent the rest of...
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    Old bike identification 1950s??

    Supernice! Looking forward to seeing more of it cleaned up. 👍
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    Seems like John will be carrying on for a while. Excellent! Even better: I noticed that ShelBroCo is also still developing interesting technical solutions: QuadraTech
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    Mafac cantis

    If you already have them, and they fit your hands (they require rather large hands), then they'll work well. But so will most other levers designed for classic side-pull, centre-pull or cantilever brakes. A favoured 1960's combination with racers in the low countries, where no one was bothered...
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    Mafac cantis

    Thank you. :) They are Campagnolo Chorus 9-speed Ergo brifters. Chosen because they play very nicely with classic 5 and 6 speed blocks. Google "Shimergo" if interested.
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    Mafac cantis

    I am a big fan of those brakes. I love the minimalist no-nonsense look, and with decent pads they work well. I mostly use original MAFAC pads, but I expect them to work even better with Koolstop replacements. Have them on my favourite touring bike:
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    Show me your self coloured bikes

    Years ago I was offered a Miki-built Union Sapporo frame in my size. At €5 I couldn't refuse, and it ended up in my attic. It's the lavender-colored example: Years later I came across it again, and decided to build it up as intended by Union, but wasn't impressed by the result. It's fairly...
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    Ex Team Once Giant TCR TT bike now finished!

    Excellent piece of work! Colour me impressed.
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    My Dad's R O Harrison

    Beautiful! That should clean up nicely, with a great patina remaining. I know nothing about this particular brand, but can tell you that the rear derailleur is too new, and a later replacement. Not sure about the Huret shift lever, but if that is original, the rear derailleur would probably...
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    "concorde" frame identification, help.

    The rear brake cable guides make me think it might be a Lombardia ...
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    What model Daccordi?

    Thanks for that data point, I thought Matrix had only been around for a year or so. Apparently it took a while for Trek to act.