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    Dave Yates Diablo

    Yeah, it is for a pulley. Mine has the same thing. It's that paint loss on the drive side lug that looks a bit bothersome. Just at the foot of the down tube. Probably is just paint TBH but I'm assuming is that what the seller is getting at :)
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    Swap syncros hardcore bars trade only for titec ti ones

    Interesting, I didn't know that... FWIW I have a set of (later?) Titec 118 bars that I plan to sell shortly, but sadly I don't need the Syncros as a swap. Appreciate you're looking for trade but you're welcome to message me if you have a change of plan :)
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    Sold 1993 Rock Lobster Singlespeed - frameset

    Lovely thing indeed! I keep telling myself I don't need it.. I've still got your old Hammerschlag Bonty frame to sort out as well!
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    Dave Yates Diablo

    Ahhh, this one again :) Diabolos are lovely things but this one does look a bit sad for the price really. I would want to have a closer look at that down tube lug as well. Hopefully somebody who really wants it (and is happy to spend a bit of £££ on a refurb) takes pity and gives it a good...
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    Are there any swallow mtb owners still here?

    There's at least two others on the forum...hopefully they will crop on here eventually. Fantastic frame builders are Swallow. You're lucky to have one :D
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    ‘Dead’ handling

    Late to the party but I would agree about the geometry thing. Aside from the fork trail, is the HT angle also fairly slack? To put it into context my aluminium 8 Freight cargo bike does still feel lively up front, despite being 8 feet long. The head tube is super steep at almost 90 degrees though!
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    Deore DX parts

    It's '93 issue DX by the looks of things. As a rough guideline.. Chainset £25-£30 (as you have the crank dust caps as well) Rear mech £15 Cantis (full set) £15 Brake levers/STI £25-£30* *The ST-M075 (RapidFire+) are slightly rarer to find, as they were just for the '93 model year before DX was...
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    Saracen Conquest for sale on LFGSS forum...

    Damn, that's super cool with the drum brakes! I would be tempted if the price wasn't so strong. That and the fact I need to trim the fleet :LOL: Might keep an eye on it though...
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    Sorted Bontrager Plus 10 Racing saddle

    No problem, I always have the odd look at the ‘bay if I can’t help. Couldn’t believe it myself! I’m assuming you got it?
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    Sorted Bontrager Plus 10 Racing saddle

    Exactly what you need on ebay at this very moment :D
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    'Robins' with Suntour shocks - Woodford Green

    Wheelie bin at the ready 👍
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    'Robins' with Suntour shocks - Woodford Green

    Indeed, Woodford Green isn't cheap. The locals would however prefer to spend their hard earned on several Audi/Range Rover/Merc that end up getting pinched and trundled off down the A406 towards the coast :LOL: Frame does look interesting, definitely some sort of bonded tubes reflex style. Rest...
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    STEVENS Ritchey P-23 frameset XL 21'' - Germany

    It's nothing like a P-23 either. Just a typical Tange DB frame, marketed by a brand who may have used one or two Ritchey finishing kit parts back in the day...
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    New mystery build! Yes, it's a ZASKAR!

    Thanks for the bump. Can I still have the Quality Street? :D