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    Can anyone ID my Saracen frame? Kili comp?

    Thanks Tomas I had another look through the catalogue last night and came to the same conclusion. All of the higher end bikes had seat clamps and all the cheaper ones had integrated bolts.. Didn’t realise the forks weren’t Saracen though..
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    Can anyone ID my Saracen frame? Kili comp?

    Morning all, I’ve got this friend which I thought was a specialised and I’ve just realised it’s a Saracen, and have spent the last hour trying to idea from the old catalogues on here but I still can’t figure it out. The forks look like kili comp, but none of the 1990s kili comp Bikes have an...
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    Araya 7x rims 20”x1.75 ... -pre-order
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    Muddy Fox Explorer

    Re: Black powder coat ... 3381939498
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    Muddy Fox Explorer

    Re: If it was moving until recently then there might be a gentler method that would work
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    Muddy Fox Explorer

    Re: Yeah I got it out eventually but the paint was finished
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    Muddy Fox 1989 courier comp (19" small size!) £100

    £100 plus £23.50 for Paisley freight, got boxes ready so can dispatch next day.. Please email me if you have any questions or need more pics, I'm not on here as much as I used to be.. Cheers Matt
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    1988 muddy fox explorer ... splitting.. sort of..

    Bump for frame and wheels still available Frame is £60 plus post
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    The Road bike Introduce Yourself Here Thread

    Re: Re: Welcome in mr_gumby! :) mrgumby (matt)
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    Re: Dibs, and I can collect from London.. Thanks mate!
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    Araya rims - scwalbe mountaineerII muddy fox Fast Trak tyre

    Collection from north london... Not sure about post,. Schwalbe moutAineer. £5 Muddy fox fasT TRACK. 26" x 2.0. FREE Pair of Araya rims 26" (1989). £20 plus post
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    Help - can you ID this logo please?

    Maybe, didnt wolber make rims? Closest ive found is this one:
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    Help - can you ID this logo please?

    Can anyone ID this logo for me? Its from an old 1980's seat post. It looks so familiar but i cant figure it out.. Cheers, Matt
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    SBDU 753 Bike

    Im 6ft 2.. Fits me like a glove.
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    SBDU 753 Bike

    Its my bike.. Offers out of ebay always welcome.. Matt