Can anyone ID my Saracen frame? Kili comp?


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Morning all, I’ve got this friend which I thought was a specialised and I’ve just realised it’s a Saracen, and have spent the last hour trying to idea from the old catalogues on here but I still can’t figure it out.

The forks look like kili comp, but none of the 1990s kili comp Bikes have an integrated seatpost boat, it looks like that was a feature of the cheaper frames?

I’m guessing it’s been re-sprayed at some point, but it seems likely a lot of the components are original?

Any help with ideas gratefully received, many thanks MrGumby!


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I actually don't think they are Kili forks as my Kili forks have the 'S' logo (similar to the top tube end cap) embossed into them. I'm thinking the frame is one the 'Max' jobbies, it looks similar to a TufTrax from around 95/96 that I have in storage, the curved cutaways in the top of seat tube and rear dropouts look very similar, also the reinforcement ring around the ends of the headtube... I found the paint on most of those Saracens to be really tough and lasts well, so really not sure why it would have had a re-spray? Any chips to see colour of paint beneath or any Saracen guys work anything out from it's serial number...


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Thanks Tomas
I had another look through the catalogue last night and came to the same conclusion. All of the higher end bikes had seat clamps and all the cheaper ones had integrated bolts..
Didn’t realise the forks weren’t Saracen though..