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    Brake cable protector/sheath

    I needed some and specifically wanted black. The only stuff I could find that wasn't ridiculously oversized was this: ... cfSr9T7XLQ I used the 1/8" one, it's *just* wide enough internally for brake cables. As you can see I had to buy 30m so have plenty...
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    G-Rudge match

    Yep. I'm going to make a big effort to get mine together. We can't have the Kirks getting all the glory like this year.
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    G-Rudge match

    Re: Ha! That was me Al. Having seen your comments on that home made rubber band sprung suspension fork I think I may have to concede defeat already :D
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    ICONOCLASSIC : 2016 / aftermath!

    Re: Re: This one?
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    Icon-o-classic Who's been?

    Re: Here's some pics. Thanks to all involved, it was a great day again. In addition to the ice cream van, next year we need the guy with the little coffee trailer who was there last year so I don't have to drink Costa swamp water :)
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    FW Evans frame help

    Hello Enzine, I will stick my neck out and say that your frame is a Saracen manufactured Evans ATB from late '84 early '85. As you probably now know the consensus is that Evans commissioned Saracen to build ATB frames for them in "early" 1984, and Saracen then also marketed the bikes under...
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    Which Saracen Model and year (1984 or 1987?)?

    The brochure in the linked page from Jan '85 shows they were still on 501 frames then. The full size bikes changed to Shimano in late '84 but it looks like they were still using the Mountech stuff on the Junior into '85, either to differentiate it from the full size model or use up stock. The...
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    Very early Saracen, or is it?

    Re: Thanks for the compliments xxnick1975. My research suggests the "factory spec" saddle is an Ariake Jaguar II (extra padded version) but whilst being "correct" they're not the best looking saddle. The Brooks Conquest would also be "correct-ish" but the bike already weighs a ton and adding a...
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    Very early Saracen, or is it?

    It's effectively finished ! I still need to get "the right" saddle for it and I haven't decided on alloy or black bottle cages (this will probably be defined by whether I can find some '80s style red bottles or have to settle for black ones). Not entirely convinced by the grips either.
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    Very early Saracen, or is it?

    Latest update. Tim Maund at Rotrax has tidied up the cable guide braze ons so it's off to the powder coaters as soon as I get the chance to drop it off. I gave it a go over with some fine wet and dry to get the worst of the oxidisation off and this weirdness happened, the ghost of Saracen...
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    Overbury's ? - Frame ID please

    That's a cool frame, whoever made it. I may be demonstrating my ignorance, but don't Andy Powell frames have obvious frame numbers ? Is it anything to do with the extant Argos Cycles of Bristol ( ) , always worth asking them if you haven't already.
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    Very early Saracen, or is it?

    Re: Both wheels have the same Rigida (made in France) rims. I've found a couple of later Conquests on the net with the same rims so you might have a point that it's a later rather than earlier model. Although the Knight Cycles article linked in my original posts says that they got their...
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    Very early Saracen, or is it?

    Re: I hear what you're saying but that rear canti cable stop is the one part on the bike that is "hand made" rather than a commercial off the shelf item :) . The actual cable stop itself is the same parts bin item as used on the down tube, it then has four curved pieces of wire brazed to...
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    Very early Saracen, or is it?

    Re: The rear brake cable stop identical to all the other very early Saracens and Saracen built Evans bikes that have popped up here over the years so I'm convinced it's a Saracen. I'm also now fairly convinced that the "special features" on this bike were mods made by an enthusiastic amateur a...
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    Very early Saracen, or is it?

    Re: Just seen your request for brake lever photo: Standard Diacompe jobbies of the era. They've seen some use and one has a very nasty scrape but I've secured some much nicer ones for the rebuild.