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    A budget On One Inbred build

    Very cool build mate, I know the struggle to find reasonable stuff in Australia, you're doing a good job.
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    Retrobike heaven on YouTube!

    I've been a subscriber for a month or so now, really enjoy the builds. They're good for a beginner like myself to follow along with, gives a good idea of what's involved, you make it look so easy though.
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    Kona 19" - 20" steel frame in Australia?

    Inbred is an equally cool choice. That eBay Kona is super cool, nearly fell over myself when I saw it on gumtree for $295 until I realised that's his starting price. Cool bit of history but I can see it going for a lot. Decent 90s steel mtb's are few and far between around here unfortunately.
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    Another one bites the dust: 95 Explosif

    We don't have enough Kona's here to be splitting them, that's very unfortunate! I hope you can find a replacement somewhere.
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    1993 Rocky Mountain Ti Bolt

    Woah! Turned out so awesome. Looking forward to a ride report, that spec list is perfect.
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    Kona 19" - 20" steel frame in Australia?

    I narrowly missed that frame the first time it was for sale on gumtree for $40. Konas are free and far between around here but I have a look about 10 tones a day, I'll pm you if I spot any for you. There is a retro mtb sales Facebook page that seemed to have decent stuff but seeing as I don't...
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    1995 Kona Explosif

    Beautiful bike!
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    1993 Kona Cinder Cone

    I look forward to all of those builds, I hope you mend quickly. I actually just bought a NOS xt post, m900 crankset and m735 FD. Sticking with DX rd until I can sort an m735 rd. I think your black wheels really set this bike apart, I frequently skim your build thread, but I don't foresee them in...
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    Repro Deore XT

    Hahaha well now I'm nervous! Literally bought one a couple of hours ago. Mines from a member here though an looks genuine in the photos.
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    1993 Kona Cinder Cone

    I still can't stop looking at this bike. Many changes or miles put on it?
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    Parts to suit '93 Kona Cindercone build incl. 26.6mm seatpos

    No, M370/5 wasn't the standard kit, more just what I've picked out. Thanks.
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    Parts to suit '93 Kona Cindercone build incl. 26.6mm seatpos

    Hey guys, chasing some parts to get my Cindercone together. I'm not after immaculate, just tidy enough and working. I'm not very knowledgeable, it's my first build but keen to get it sorted so I can ride it with my 3yo son when he gets his first bike for Christmas. I think I'm mainly after M730...
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    Kona's page

    Both beautiful bikes though! I need to sort my life out. The latest wave of Kona threads popping up has me drooling. Need to find some rough M735 stuff and a 26.6mm seat post to get mine riding.
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    1993 Kona Cinder Cone

    I agree, the black scheme definitely makes a difference, I think the black wheels are a big factor. You've inspired me to get mine back off the shelf. My components list is a much less attractive hodge podge but I just want it rideable and I will upgrade as I accumulate. Seat post is the lamest...
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    1993 Kona Cinder Cone

    That turned out amazing. I love it.