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    Zinniness ...... lets build the dream, Project Flowers

    I remember when this was a thing back in 91 iirc. I had a cute Troll on the front of my rider.
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    For Sale Tune Fastfoot Children Crank

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    Wow that’s a bit Rusty

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    Love Syncros

    They were the early non ramped rings. Things of beauty though.
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    FAT CHANCE TITANIUM looks mint with nice spec

    Bl00dy hell that went fast 😱
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    FAT CHANCE TITANIUM looks mint with nice spec

    Looks like a 93 in M/L rare larger size and in mint condition.
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    For Sale IRD seat post

    Worth finding a cheap 26.4 post and reverse engineering it to work again with this clamp 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Onza Porcupine white 26’’ (£601)

    Thats what peeps forget when they start price slamming Import stuff. The import and shipping is a killer on bling. Nobody likes funding someone else's passion taking the import ‘hit’ when they sell stuff on. Ebay is very inflexible these days with their pricing system algorithm making things...
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    1993 Cannondale M800 BOTE

    Looks beautiful naked. Get a black salsa seat collar on it and its perfect or gold jockeys, headset to balance the gold aesthetic. 🤔
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    1996 MERLIN Taïga

    Niiice. How does it ride ?
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    Suspension Corrected Rigid Forks

    Pace RC 31 Ti version. I had one on a sus corrected 94 Yo. Crazy light, stiff, tracked perfectly and so smooth to ride. Sorry i sold it but I sold that frame.
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    For Sale Independent IF Titanium 26" Frame

    Very nice 😎 You got any links to the frame specs ? as 21.65” TT ( C2C ? ) would seem smaller typically than a ‘Large’ frame. Post up pics of the full build too 😁 GLWTS
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    Wanted (S) Rocky Mountain Titanium or Tantalus

    Life is short. If it was me I would Google and hit up every owner of one directly, searching through every cycling website and Social Media platform and offer to buy. You can always make more money but you cant buy time and good riding years to actually enjoy it 🤗
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    Wanted (S) Rocky Mountain Titanium or Tantalus

    Like with some of the early 90s Russian made Ti frames that had failure issues from contaminated welds, the good ones have probably stood the test of time. Try some of the German sites as they are probably more likely to have the high end rarity bikes.
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    On One Ti with Ti forks

    You always baulk at the cost of these parts especially with import on top. Still less than you can pay for a TOTR modern rig. Its a shot in the dark, you feel guilty, don't tell the wife etc as there are so few rider reviews of the bling but I can confirm its money well spent. Its a synergy of...