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    Spending, say, a grand, on a bike to ride, in order to have less bikes.

    I bought a silk road frameset frim Spa in September and swapped a group set from one of my other road bikes. Id originally planned on using it all year round and getting rid of my other road bikes but its just too nice to use as a winter bike so its now my summer bike and I’ve kept my winter...
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    Unusual Kona models or colours

    Could it be a custom made one if there was such a thing? My 1990 has an 89 frame number (think its a late 89 frame) with cantilever brake bosses.
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    Mystery and unidentified parts thread

    That’s exactly what it is!
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    Wanted Free or cheap rear wheel to help a victim of theft

    Ive got a set of 26 inch rigida wheels on shimano hubs but theyre silver. The spokes are a bit tarnished but should clean up.
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    Specialized frame id

    It looks like a 1990 stump jumper comp to me. Have a look in the catalogue archive and you’ll see it or something very similar there.
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    Rattle can recommendation

    Montana Gold is really good as it manages to maintain pressure in the can until the end and there's a ton of colours, Spray.Bike is another that goes on really well (almost like a powder coat) although the lacquer is really potent stuff especially on decals. Others I've tried tend to...
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    The annoying sound of SQUEEKY (V) BRAKES!

    Leave them to squeak it acts like a bell😀
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    Retro but cool chainstay protector

    A nice chrome one always look good.
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    Dave Lloyd Beez Neez

    There’s some more pictures in the how much is it worth section on here from June.
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    HEAD branded Yeti Ultimate in Japan

    When I was at senior school (a long time ago) they managed to get the smallest kid in the year zipped into a head bag😀
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    Marin Team Marin

    It’s mine and is also listed in the for sale forum.
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    For Sale Kits élastomères vélos tout terrain

    Hello, we offer a range of quality elastomer kits to renovate your mountain bikes equipped with elastomer suspensions from the 90s such as Manitou, Rock Shox, Proflex. Come and discover our site Google translated in case anyone didn't get the original gist.
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    Withdrawn 1992 Marin Team Marin

    Already gave him first refusal but too small for him🙄