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    Hershey front hub

    cooler but they go bang! i learnt the hard way! ive still got a NOS one in turquoise!
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    Killer vintage and rare parts going on the bay

    hiya, price on the 3dv ringle post and do you have any 1/4 ahead stems?
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    Wanted 1 1/4 stem with rise Ahead

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    Wanted 1 1/4 stem with rise Ahead

    Hey all Looking for AHead stem 1 1/4 with rise! 10 degree ish , what ya got???
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    Wanted 1/4 AHEAD stem, with rise .

    hey all. Looking for an AHEAD 1/4 stem, with some good rise and 120mm ish, Anything about, colour no important. cheers.
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    For Sale Paul Components canti Brake levers. ( SOLD )

    Hey all Paul component brake levers ( canti ) in silver, Good condition £120 posted to UK.
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    News Onza Octopus Reissue Tyres

    no 26" no 29" well done onZa
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    Vauxhall Nova Sport on ebay: WTF??!!!

    Re: nothing suprising here at all. Big vauxhall fan in my youth, 3 nova GSI's and dismantled about 13 in total. Nova Sport is a rare car. limited numbers made, Irmscher air box for the carbs, Patten interior , peco exhaust, etc, A mint one was circulating for 65k at one point. And to think...
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    Orange E3 mountain bike. Men's 1994 Vintage. Retro classic.

    Re: always wanted a E3, with the better decals thou
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    Orange, potential little cracker?

    Re: Get it welded and ride it. No worries.
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    Skinwall tyres

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    Orange Vit titanium

    Re: aye im sure there is.
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    Orange Vit titanium

    poorly listed Orange titanium .
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    Cannondale full-bounce

    Re: Yuck.
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    Wanted - Orange X1 - SORTED

    Re: one of my local bike shops has one they got as trade in , been there ages, cant remember any details thou