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    Does anyone own a Steve Potts?

    Re: Steve Potts Signature Jumping on an old thread here because the above Signature was featured in a Pro's Closet video of Steve Potts.
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    1998 Cannondale Fulcrum

    Have you guys seen this vid, yet? RAD!
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    Fat Chance Team Yo Eddy Aqua Fade Pics Pages 7-10

    Re: Fat Chance Team Yo Eddy Aquafade Pics Page 7 Just so RAD! I love the details!
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    Gary Fisher Klunker 1996

    So cool! What's the wheelbase?
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    1993 GT RTS-1

    Very cool!!! Great geometry on this beast.
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    Oldschool Mongoose BMX forum 'retro-goose'

    Every time I see an old Mongoose I get sad. I still remember their heyday like it was yesterday with Tim 'Fuzzy' Hall video parts...
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    Breezer mk1 1977 replica post klunker pre 1st mtb

    Re: Breezer mk1 1976 replica post klunker pre 1st mtb Nice work! Joe made the coolest frames. The geometry was way ahead of it's time IMO.
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    Schwinn klunker build

    Same here, I've never seen a lady's frame klunked out. Very cool!
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    Transition Klunker

    Cool bike and I'm glad someone is keeping the klunker vide alive, but the bike just looks so light and responsive. Feels a bit like cheating ;)
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    Pro flex 656 in blue

    Slick! Drive side shot?
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    A Few Of My Resto Builds

    I love the old Performers! Nice work!
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    Poorly listed Carrera E-Stay, cheap and ending soon.

    HA! Mans bicycle. He has no idea.