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    Road Riding Youtube footage

    Some nice footage here including Eddy Merckx & Beryl Burton :
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    San Marco

    Re: Pretty good buy then if it's still in good nick!
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    San Marco

    Re: Was that an ALAN? - it's sold but the San Marco thing was just the saddle....
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    Merckx MX Leader in Holland - 57cm - looks good! ... earch:true
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    Raleigh Cajun in 531

    Raleigh Cajun - 531 (main tubes?) could build up into something nice:
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    Moonshine _

    Re: Just had a check & it was previously up for £625...
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    Moonshine _ Seems in good condition but maybe a bit overpriced?
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    Sensibly priced clothing.

    Re: It's a bit of a lottery finding it now but Descente stuff was very well made & you can pick up new jerseys on Ebay sometimes. The patterns are either incredibly stylish or retronaff.
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    Nice little video for the upcoming Giro d'Italia

    : Giro 2020 - Leggende del Giro
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    Custom made decals required

    Re: This is the top chap for the transfers: He did make me up some early Merkx ones using a shop banner as a pattern. I think getting a good starting image is the key, but he'll advise you if you enquire. Good luck!
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    Hand Painting a headtube?

    Re: There are some specialist paints available & my lad had success with the 1 shot after getting fed up with the Humbrol : ... oss-finish I has a LOT of pigment in it & flows out very well.
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    Mavic 670 hub tool

    Re: I had one still on in the cardboard/plastic wrapping, hadn't used it in 20 years, put it on Ebay & got £50 for it! I was amazed. The machining of the pins is pretty complicated, they sort of sit on top of another pin ...
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    Tubular Tyres. A Beginner's Report.

    Re: Has anyone tried this stuff? Effetto Mariposa Carogna tub tape There is a glowing review here : I wonder what happens if out on the road you get a flat & need to replace a tub? It seems the tape comes off with the tub...
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    Pennine Cycles in Settle N.Yorks road bike - maybe 24"? ... 8390057569 looks pretty original.
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    Little Campag bits please brake nuts, chainring bolts

    Re: Thanks a lot for the pics & your trouble - as you say I think those are later. I'll see if I can find some but might be in touch if I can find out if they are the same fit. Best wishes Julian