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    For Sale 3D Racing Zerox DH bike

    Needs a price if you want to list here. PM me when you have one it mind and will unlock the thread.
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    For Sale 1999 Campagnolo Bora Wheels

    Locked - when you have a price please lmk.
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    1991 GT Karakoram

    Sadly…no. Other (DIY) projects seem to have taken precedence over the last 12 months. Maybe later in the year fingers crossed 🤞
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    For Sale Tacx Fortius Turbo Trainer c/w steering frame + Ultegra Turbo Wheel

    Tacx Fortius Turbo in good working order complete with all cables (some not pictured). Been using with Zwift for the last couple of years in conjunction with a couple of ANT sticks and a handy home-brew project Fortius Ant. Also have an Ultegra wheel with cyclops turbo tyre on. Braking surface...
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    1988 Raleigh Mirage

    Ah, 2010 is 12 years ago :confused: Sorry, sadly lacking in the NOS Chen Shin department.
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    1988 Raleigh Mirage

    Also, might be a 88? Both of my 89 Mirages (21" and 23" frames) have cantilevers to the rear. Is that full exage county as well?
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    1988 Raleigh Mirage

    Nice! Had one of these from new. IIRC it came with Chen Shin centre ridge skin walls. Misread that initially.
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    For Sale Spooky possibly needing a new home...

    Needs a price. PM me when you have decided and will unlock the thread.
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    For Sale Felt F24 Junior Road Bike

    Felt F24 junior road bike. Upgraded bar, stem and single sided spd. Collect only Warwick £175
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    For Sale Rare Azonic black diamond wheelset/Red Hope big un hubs! Retro MTB/DH

    Comments removed from thread, will just lock/bin next time the back and forth goes in a similar direction. Can the seller clarify if the damage pictured in the last image is indeed a small crack.
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    For Sale Totally original raleigh activator in as it left factory condition stunning not sure of value yet of unmolested unmarked pristine bike so puttin 500.

    5 pages of activator. Hope the OP sells it somewhere. Condition is remarkable, assume it has been stored in the California Desert since new. In most sheds expect to see some surface rust within hours.
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    Site Suggestions (and Issues) Thread

    Reduced tag a nice idea - added. Obviously expectation is people use it sensibly at not like a well known furniture brand with outlets throughout the Midlands. Slide ads are removed from the bulk of the forum. If someone notes one somewhere awkward please advise. Not sure about the...
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    For Sale Kona lava dome

    Thread locked. Needs a price.
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    Retrobike snoods?

    Top idea if someone is happy to follow up.