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    For Sale reduced...again... Xtr m910 brifters, brakes, m900 parts

    Hi, Can I take the xtr cantilever brakes please
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    syncros forged crankset and shimano XTR M900

    Re: Shimano XTR M900 Cranks Hi, I am after a set of shimano XTR M900 Cranks and saw these (and the date on the thread), you don't still have them and are willing to sell them, do you? Thanks Ben
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    Swap .

    Re: Hi, I'm guessing that these have already been sold but thought I would ask on the off chance. Thanks Ben
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    Wanted: 1" Steerer for Girvin Elite Comp forks

    Just got hold of a NOS Girvin Crosslink elite comp forks and need a 1" steerer so I can fit them to my 95' clockwork. So if anyone has a spare sitting around gathering dust and want to sell it let me know. Cheers Ben
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    Hope C2 sports lever

    Hope C2 sports lever with barrel dial. Must be in good - very good condition and still working fine. Thanks
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    1996 Hope Ti-Glide front disc hub

    Thanks for that, I couldn't remember what it was called so just tried ti-glide. Might be interested in a pair. I have the calliper and specific mount from hope for the forks, however my front hub was damaged beyond repair about 9 years ago. Could you send some photos and an idea of cost please...
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    1996 Hope Ti-Glide front disc hub

    I am after a 1996 Hope ti-glide splined front hub and spider with disc for a retro rebuild with my 96 Pace MDD's. I am open to whaterver colours are available. Thanks
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    Retro X-lite Saddle

    Hi, Does anyone have a C.1997 X-Lite Kevlar saddle in red or blue and in good condition for its age they are wanting to sell?
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    Retro 90's tires

    got any pics of them?
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    Kona Scratch and Sniff tires

    Hi, does anyone have a pair of Kona scratch and sniff tires in biscuit colour? Cheers
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    Retro 90's tires

    Cheers I will. I'll have a look thanks for the reply.
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    Retro 90's tires

    Ok it's a long shot but..... does anyone have a pair of Kona scratch and sniff tires in biscuit colour that they want rid of? Cheers :o
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    Cook Bros. Racing RSR cranks

    Hey guys, i am looking for a replacment non drive crank arm for my cook bros racing rsr cranks. one of the tapered faces has now gone on the original. Alternatively does anyone know if it is possible to repair the tapers?