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    Wanted - Any Marzocchi 95-99?

    I thought I had multiple ones but only have the 2001 catalogue. I don't have access to a scanner at home but could take pictures of specific items if needed.
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    Kona Hot Serial Number List:

    Re:Kona HOT serial numbers I'll add this one on behalf of a friend with his permission. This is a 1994 with serial TET910 16" that he has owned since new. I knew he had it and was interested it picking it up but didn't realize it was a 16" which is a tad small.
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    Show us your brodie love..............

    It's tough, the upper seat stays don't flatten out like I've seen on early Avalanches. Even looks like it could be a '87 RMB Team Blizzard. I found this article about Brodie which might help as well.
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    2006 Rocky Mountain Bicycle Catalog

    I'm looking for an English copy of the 2006 catalog. It was the 25th anniversary so it was more of a book than catalog since it had historical information as well. I would need it shipped to Canada. Thanks, Devin
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    Let's see some Dekerfs..

    Re: Here is my '96 Dekerf Generation that I picked up off of Rockimtn a few years ago that I still need to build up. I misplaced the original decals for it at some point and finally got around to getting it repainted by Chris Dekerf earlier this year.
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    show us your Rocky Mountains!

    Re: Here's my collection of Rocky's. '98 Vertex TO frame '99 Instinct '99 Blizzard '01 Rail and my most recent addition a '92 Experience frame
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    Wanted: Specialized catalogues

    Re: Kand, I should've clarified I was looking for scans but I could be interested in the hardcopies. Could you take a couple pics? I'm located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Thanks.
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    Wanted: Specialized catalogues

    I'm looking for the '92 s-works and '93 Specialized catalogues in english so I can learn more more about the 2 bikes and the Future Shock I just picked up. I found the German versions but that does not help me. Thanks,
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    Rocky Mountain Blizzard what year??

    My guess after taking a quick look on internet is 2004 based on colour scheme and metal head badge. I thought I might have had catalogue but I don't.
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    Syncros stem decal refresh kit, now seatpost as well.

    Re: Syncros stem decal refresh kit Frank I'll take a set of the white ones. Maybe black as well. I'll shoot you an email. Thanks.
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    BotM July 2016 'Steel Is Real' - VOTE NOW

    Too many sweet bikes to choose from. This vote took the longest (and most build page references) to make my decision.
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    Rocky Mountain Suzy Q

    Asking price of $4K CDN. That would clean me out and then some. I'd have nothing leftover to build it up or feed my kids.
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    Party's over, thx!

    Re: Bday Bash Sale Happy bday Frank.
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    Rare hope hub, mavic, synchros, xtr & shimano brake booster

    Interested in Syncros stem and Xtr Der (need price) plus matching shifters. Pm sent.
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    DeKerf Team ST 853

    Very nice bike Frank. I still feel bad I haven't done your old Generation justice and build it up yet.