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    Retro Music Lovers (up to and including 31/12/1999)

    I know this one's after 1999, but must be included as they nicked the BBC's news 'pips'
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    I wish I'd hung on to that

    Re: Damn, I miss thhat little car. :facepalm:
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    Image Hosting Who to use ?

    Re: Use the 'hotlink for forums tab ...Be aware tho that it adds an url link which needs to be removed (everything either side of the img /img bits) :wink:
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    Today's Ride

    Re: Come for a ride on the Malvern Hills, we have roaming Belted Galloways and Aberdeen Angus along with the sheep, in gated, fenced zones. It's like Jurassic Park!
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    Today's Ride

    Re: A 2011 Lupine Betty 6 on the bike (2000 Ln ..Upgraded 8.7Ah battery from mtb-batteries) ... it just goes for hours!! On the lid is a small Sanguan Thumb ( 800 Ln .. Ugraded two cell to a four cell 8.7Ah which sits in my back pack) They both out-last me on rides in darkness :wink:
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    Today's Ride

    Re: Forest of Dean ... Night run.
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    Marin Mount Vision frame

    EBAY << Clicky. Spangling!
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    Re: Looks fine to me ... unlike this puppy.. again, who doesn't want to spend any money :roll:
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    Cannondale CAAD5

    Re: I cannot remember what the crank looked like and the bike lives twenty miles away at the moment, but pretty sure there were no 5mm Alan bolts on the non drive side arm indicating Hollowtech... unless they differ to MTB cranks?? The 39 tooth inner chainring looks fine wear wise.. the...
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    Today's Ride

    Re: It was a fender bender for sure... they started at both ends by the look of it and then concentrated on the 'duel-slalom' bit but we're not sure how they have finished it off whether its still a split section or one track now.
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    Cannondale CAAD5

    Here is the bike before we did any work :wink: I will be doing some work on this Cannondale for my brother in law soon, just wondered if anyone has any info on it. It appears to have a Shimano 105 VERY tired chainset ie no profile left, just triangular sharks teeth and a stretched saggy...
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    Today's Ride

    Re: Yes Forest of Dean, bottom section was still closed last week, but we had a sneak peak after 5pm. :wink:
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    Today's Ride

    Re: Verderers, midway point forwards. Verderers, midway point backwards. Verderers, lower section rebuilt. Verderers, Dragons Tail. [/url] Dragons Tail.. lost me bike! Malvern Hills, Eastern side. Malvern Hills Herefordshire Beacon. Sunset.