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    Koga Miyata RidgeRunner 1990

    Very cool frame! I've never one before. That lower plate frame gusset is a nice detail. In some ways it reminds me of my 1991 Rocky Mountain Cirrus as it's also an elevated raw aluminum frame. What's the plan for the build?
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    1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - REBUILD

    Re: The bike is basically done. It rolls, stops, and now shifts. Finally ready for a proper fall trail ride! -The 5mm Shimano housing was worth the wait, it cut's nice and feels like quality. -Black Oury grips added -The Dear Head friction shifter works great on the 8spd cassette but is...
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    1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - REBUILD

    Re: Progress made, but not finished. My Shimano 5mm shift cable is coming from China and it's taking a while... The chain is on and I dialled in the limit screw to give a decent single speed gear for a ride around the neighbourhood today. It felt good! This is my first U-brake experience so...
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    1992 Specialized Epic - Overend 90 Durango Replica

    Re: Looks great! I love simple black on black on black look. Such great details on that frame. Definitely trick construction.
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    All things Canadian.....

    Back from the dead bump Here something to brighten your day - My '91 Equipe on it's original tires.
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    KONA Parts - 27.0 Seatpost and Dewey Too bar ends

    Kona 27.0 seatpost by TAHOMA -Good used condition / uncut $30 Kona / Joe Murray Dewey Too bar ends -Good used condition $30 prices plus shipping from Canada 8)
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    Shimano brake stuff - Deerhead XT / DX / LX

    Shimano Deerhead era XT brake levers M730 - NOS -long 4 finger -1x hood -deore barrel adjusters $40 Shimano Deore LX cantilevers - PAIR -Very nice used condition - Low miles -with original pads $25 Shimano Deore DX cantilevers - FULL SET -Nice used condition - complete $25 prices plus...
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    Syncros 27.0 seatpost - 1st Gen! - Max Patina - SOLD

    Re: price drop bump! $69
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    Specialized Titanium Stem (1 1/8 x 135mm)

    Re: This is probably the first Titanium bike part I encountered. I remember them being mostly a LONG 150mm. Nice to see in a more modern, usable length. GLWS
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    1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - REBUILD

    Re: -American Classic QR for the front wheel -Paul Funky Monkey cable hanger (modified to fit 2mm cable) -Brodie magnesium spacers for the Gorilla booster for a secret exotic touch
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    1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - REBUILD

    Re: Great colour combo on that Hammer. I rolled the Blizzard down the alley this afternoon to get a little daylight on the situation... It was nice to coast on the bike for 20 feet.
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    1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - REBUILD

    A little progress update: Rigid fork is installed! It looks very at home on this bike and instantly brings it back to 1990. I love the fat tubes with no taper. They actually flair out a couple of mm near the dropout. Parts ordered: -KMC Chain -U-brake pads -Shimano SP51 5mm shift housing
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    1992 Rocky Mountain Vertex

    Re: I just went through the fork mix and match exercise with my '90 Blizzard built. (see post) and my bike also has a 100mm head tube. You need about 130mm minimum. I'm liking your build so far. The steel vertex is a rare one for sure. Great colour too. The high mounted brazed seat stays...
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    Syncros 27.0 seatpost - 1st Gen! - Max Patina - SOLD

    Re: Syncros 27.0 seatpost - 1st Gen! - Max Patina Price Drop BUMP $79