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    For Sale 1996 GT Bravado 20"

    Hi All, Having finished this project, I've immediately got the itch to do something else, so putting the Bravado up for sale to add to the funds. 😬 It's a 20" 1996 with mostly period correct parts, save a 1x10 Drivechain which makes the bike a great ride by modern standards. Would be very...
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    For Sale Titanium!! lots of titanium, various parts in controltech / odyssey / ultracycle titanium

    I can confirm after 2 successful transaction s including multiple parts that Gustavo is trustworthy and the Western Union process is easy to do online. Postage is about 3-4 weeks to the UK. 👍
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    1996 GT Bravado - finished with new pics!

    That's all I could find out too. It's very light!
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    For Sale NOS Control Tech, ODI Grips and Control Stix

    I have a few bits that I didn't end up using on my Bravado build. Prices below include postage in the UK and I'd prefer bank transfer or PayPal friends and family (or you can pay the fees). All items are NOS complete with the packaging. I bought them all from the RB member Solobici, who is...
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    1996 GT Zaskar LE 13 year old boy’s dream

    I have exactly the same pedals that end up on all my retro builds at some time. Solid and actually not too heavy!
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    1996 GT Bravado - finished with new pics!

    Finished! Just in time for the Malverns. 😅 Really happy with how this turned out. I know the modern mech and shifter will get some frowns, but it rides beautifully! 😁
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    "Retro Inspired" 2018 GT Zaskar

    Having not ridden off road other than gravel trails for over a year (due to a frozen shoulder) I'm thinking of selling this. It is mint, done less than 50 miles. Any interest here before I eBay it? 😭
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    Wanted 10 speed 11-36 Shimano cassette in VGC

    I ended up buying a new slx one, but thanks for the offer. You'll definitely get good money for them on ebay!
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    For Sale Xt f/r mechs, dx thumbies, USE, Thomson, flexstem, Onza and more. Offers welcome

    Sorry just realised I didn't come back to you on this. Front mech is sold, but have a couple of shims. What size?
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    RickTheUncivil Feedback

    Bought some XT Vs from Rick. All good in the hood. 👍😎